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Lamborghini Commemorates 30 Editions of Lamborghini Magazine

  • 15th Sep 2022
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Lamborghini Commemorates 30 Editions of Lamborghini Magazine

Sant'Agata Bolognese, 14 September 2022Automobili Lamborghini commemorates the thirtieth issue of Lamborghini Magazine with "Beyond," a limited-edition coffee-table "phygital" book limited to 1963 hand-numbered copies, a reference to Lamborghini's founding year. 

The limited-edition book "Beyond," which is accessible to fans worldwide, collects the finest of former editions and presents fresh, unique material.


In five volumes, the finest of the last thirty issues of Lamborghini Magazine are interwoven with creative, unique material brought to life by the words of famous authors, unparalleled video interviews, and Augmented Reality solutions. The physical book and the digital activations made possible by the QR codes provide a whole sensory experience, transporting the reader into the world of Lamborghini and beyond.



Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini, said, "I'm thrilled to report that the material we've developed for the Lamborghini Magazine since its inception in 2007 reflects my vision for the brand in a manner that is bold, real, and often surprising. Even with the paradigm change in communication, Lamborghini continues to celebrate all types of story-telling.



"Beyond" is a commemorative book housed in a sleek case that opens with an oblique cut, alluding to the dynamic nature of the famous "Y" that characterises Lamborghini design. A luminous Pantone colour illuminates the contents, which include creative images that come to life in 3D when seen with a smartphone camera. A soft-touch cover and a visible softcover spine with a silkscreened title serve as a reminder that this is a limited edition collector's item.



While the regular issues of Lamborghini Magazine are reserved for customers, media, and VIPs, the one-off 175-page "Beyond" book is available to brand fans worldwide, although it remains exclusive: only 1,963 copies are available for €149 at, the Automobili Lamborghini boutique store, and authorised dealers.


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