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Lace Up the City with Inspiration - Designer Christopher Augmon Introduces New CA Lace Luxury Shoelace Collection

  • 28th Jul 2023
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Lace Up the City with Inspiration - Designer Christopher Augmon Introduces New CA Lace Luxury Shoelace Collection

Christopher Augmon, renowned shoe designer, unveils his latest collection, CA Lace Luxury Shoelaces with 18% of Proceeds Benefitting Equality Dream Team

2023, July 27: New York.

Designer Christopher Augmon is releasing a new line of high-end shoe accessories called CA Lace just in time for New York Fashion Week 2023. Over twenty-three high-end shoelaces in a rainbow of colours, made from unusual materials, and well finished are available in this assortment.

Under the slogan "Lace up the city with inspiration," the designer has conceived of the collection as a fundraising vehicle, with 18% of all sales going to Equality Dream Team, a non-profit whose mission is to "educate and provide tools that will help underserved African American Youth develop economic stability."

A Variety of Exotic Skins, Italian Leathers, and Printed Cotton from African Artisans are Among the Over Twenty-Three Luxury Laces in This Collection.

The slogan, "A small change can have a big impact," is a testament to Christopher Augmon's brand aim to produce clothes that inspires and gives back. With the CA Lace collection, I wanted to give shoe lovers more ways to express their personal style and put their best foot forward, while also using the proceeds from the sale of the shoes and the proceeds from the charity campaign to help underprivileged youth get a head start in the workforce.

Mamba python patterns in Genesis pink, yellow, orange, Carolina blue, black, and white; Italian leather designs in green and grey camouflage; bespoke laces in luxury cotton showcasing artisan African or tie-dye motifs; these are just some of the options available from the CA Lace designs collection.

My passion for high-end trainers, shoes and boots was the impetus for creating CA Lace. I set out to provide a new dimension of individuality, customisation, style, and fashion to people's go-to high-end trainers and boots. According to Augmon, "these laces were made to make a statement and can elevate the entire look of a shoe," whether by "packing a colourful punch in Genesis Pink," "introducing a nuanced layer of texture in mamba python or Italian leather camouflage," or "embracing the power of a bold print in luxury cotton."

Fine jewellery, leather purses, and other soft goods and bespoke products are only some of the designer's many offerings, and this new line complements and builds upon them. The unveiling of CA lace is the latest example of the designer using his design and manufacturing expertise for good. The original goal of Augman's 18K logo fine jewellery line was the same: to help young people under the age of 18 in underprivileged areas. With the 18K collection, Augmon gave out eighteen percent of the profits to various charities; he plans to do the same with CA Lace.

Custom brass aglets emblazoned with the CA Logo are included on every CA Lace design, as are the best quality materials, impeccable stitching, and expert workmanship. The cost of the collection varies from $75 to $375 USD. The Equality Dream Team Foundation will get 18% of all sales of CA Lace.

CA Laces is offering early bird discounts on the collection from July 18 until the conclusion of New York Fashion Week on September 13, 2023. Two to three weeks is the typical turnaround time for bespoke lace deliveries. and Sartoria Studio (65-69 Wooster Street, Soho) both sell California lace.
Christopher Augmon: A BiographyChristopher Augmon Designer Jewellery; 18k Fine Jewellery Collection, CA, and other lines all bear Christopher Augmon's name, and he serves as both the brand's Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer. Unique Wedding Bands Bridal Rings, San Diego, CA Jewellery in Silver, Los Angeles, CA California's Finest Custom Jewellery Designers Designed to Order High-End Fashion Bags in California CA Fashion Designer Christopher Augmon Chris Augmon Promotional Products.

Products by Christopher Augmon stand out for their originality and creativity, as well as their classic good looks, intricate designs, high craftsmanship, and wide variety of influences. The designer's work can be found in over 30 different locations around the United States and with select trunk show partners including Bloomingdale's, and he has been featured in various media publications. Augmon is a hands-on designer who, for his private clients, provides a highly personalised, high-touch service and beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations.

Using Christopher Augmon's designs and collections, the firm works with and contributes to underprivileged areas, youth organisations, and non-profits to have a quantifiable impact in the world.Check out for more details.


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