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Is it A Yacht or is it a Supercar? Say Carbon 42 is a Marvel indeed!

  • 20th Sep 2020
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Is it A Yacht or is it a Supercar? Say Carbon 42 is a Marvel indeed!


SAY Carbon Yachts works with the likes of Mercedes and Bugatti and it is not surprising that the Say Carbon 42 yacht is fast, light and packs all the properties of carbon-fiber that make it truly unique among its peers.

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Key Points

Although Germany has been a top performer in luxury and performance in automobiles as well as printing - Porsche, BMW and Hidelberg are few of the names that crop up immediately; this country did not have too much to boast about yachts. Well that is all going to change with Say Carbon 42 as this gorgeously designed fast boat finds its place with contemporaries from the US, Italy and the UK.

The Yacht and boat builder which is transforming Germany’s reputation with this 42-foot marine hotrod that combines carbon-fiber and big horsepower to create a fast, upscale experience on the water is called as SAY Carbon Yachts.

The twin V8 propulsion by Volvo Penta delivers a total of 860 horsepower. The 42’s lightweight construction, “wave-cutter” bow and deep-V running surface also combine to give it a top speed of 58 mph, while consuming about 50 percent less fuel than comparable go-fast yachts.

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End Note

All boaters and yacht lovers will also appreciate the automatic anchor system which, at the push of a button, lifts out from the bow, moves forward and lowers into the water. The cabin also has gee-whiz features like a carbon-fiber electric door, a head with shower and toilet, and seating up front that makes up into a double bed. There’s also an unusually large skylight overhead for plenty of natural sunlight.


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