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International School of Design (INSD) - Redefining Luxury Education

  • 21st Sep 2021
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International School of Design (INSD) - Redefining Luxury Education

The conceptualisation

Established in October 2011, the International School of Design (INSD) began as a dream to provide passionate students an opportunity to experience quality education in their hometowns.

Today, INSD is a premier institute that provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees of the highest order and excellence.

The institute’s mission has always been to establish itself as ‘a specialist school for arts, design, media, and luxury in India’, and the lack of this very facility in many towns is what led to its birth.

The process

INSD is the Indian Picasso; leading change, chasing modernisation and exposing students to a novel, exciting way of learning.

With several foreign collaborations, state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on application rather than simply theory; the institute has changed the way fashion is taught and learnt.



Over the span of a decade, it has established over 50 campuses in India, 5+ international campuses, and has truly nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit, which has manifested itself in the form of its brilliant alumni-turned-businesspeople.



The programs

Apart from excellent facilities, the institute also boasts of highly experienced faculty. The unique and interactive teaching approach is what led to it being heralded as the best design school in India.

INSD courses are run in collaboration with colleges accredited by the French State, American Board of Education, and UGC Recognized university, and they include:

  • MSc in Luxury Brand Management
  • Masters in Fashion Design
  • Masters in Graphic Design
  • Masters in Interior Design
  • Masters in Jewellery Design
  • B. Des in Fashion Design
  • B. Des in Graphic Design
  • B. Des in Interior Design
  • B. Des in Jewellery Design


With a vision to be among the best luxury education institutes in the world and yet be accessible, the team at INSD has designed few of the most unique luxury courses including MSc in Luxury Brand Management. For anyone with a passion towards luxury and aim to be a luxury marketing professional or a luxury business owner, this is an amazing opportunity to realise his or her dreams.


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