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Increasing Number Of Fashion Businesses Are Waking Up to The Benefits of Investing in Digital Fashion & Virtual Models

  • 20th Sep 2022
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Increasing Number Of Fashion Businesses Are Waking Up to The Benefits of Investing in Digital Fashion & Virtual Models

Jeff Emmanuel shares his thoughts on the rapidly evolving scenario of digital fashion and virtual models in the fashion industry below:

The advent of the holiday season coincides with a period of record-breaking expenditure. Brands are planning carefully orchestrated campaigns to capitalise on the upbeat mood of the holiday season and increase engagement and sales, but customers are more likely to have an emotional connection to products with genuine stories because they seem more honest and transparent.

Brands are progressively spending in updating their marketing approach with cutting-edge campaigns and plugs in order to keep up with consumers' shifting preferences. AdamEvefamily is ready to revolutionise the fashion and advertising industries with our comprehensive lineup of digital models and collections. Our digital-first, end-to-end sustainability-focused campaigns are ready to create high engagement for our clients while giving value-added mindfulness to product and service for their customers, thanks to our partnerships with different companies in the nation and beyond.

Gen Z's obsession with the virtual world of the metaverse and the fashion industry's growing fascination with digital fashion both contributed to this trend. In addition to providing cost optimization, increased profitability, faster turnaround, and better collaborations, we aim to be morally responsible and reduce the carbon footprint at every level of operation, making this an easily attainable goal for clients who place sustainability at the centre of their value system.

Avatars allow users to express themselves in a variety of ways in the virtual world, since they may be tailored to reflect their individuality and the way they want to interact with others. They have the power to transform advertisements into compelling stories and turn businesses into individuals, fostering trust and deepening the connection between the company and its customers.

It's no secret that several industries, including e-commerce, gaming, fashion, fitness, and sports, as well as entertainment and media, are beginning to dabble in the metaverse. Brands are reaping an ever-increasing benefit from it, and it's a benefit that appears to grow with each new use. With our innovative marketing tactics and environment, we think our avatars can help luxury fashion labels earn even more money in the virtual world.

Virtual avatars will continue to grow and eventually become the actual thing, much like the metaverse, as digital marketing increasingly focuses on niches.

Jeff Emmanuel is the co-founder and CEO of the fashion IT firm AdamEveFamily.


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