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How to Brew a Luxe Ice Coffee at Home, Using a French Press

  • 14th Aug 2020
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How to Brew a Luxe Ice Coffee at Home, Using a French Press

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Know Your Roasts:

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Light roast:

Easy to identify, they have a light(er) brown colour. These beans are slightly roasted and have an acidic flavor.

Medium roast:

Also known as regular roast, these beans are roasted until before the second crackling sound. Their caffeine content is lower than light roasts but higher than dark roast.

Medium – Dark roast:

Lesser in caffeine content, these beans are darker in colour and have more oil on their surface. More intense.

Dark roast:

Almost chocolate and dark brown in color, these roasts shine form all the oil. They have the lowest caffeine content and have a smoky bitter taste. In dark roasts, the coffee beans tend to lose their original taste and give more prominent flavour of the burnt roast.

Where is Your Coffee From?

The altitude and latitude affect the sweetness of the coffee bean, their geographical region determines which varietals are most common, and the soil and rainfall indicate how well the coffee grows.  The climate, the terrain, and   access   to   resources   can   lead   producers   to   choose   certain   production and processing methods. Coffee is an agricultural product, which means that you cannot understand why it tastes the way it does until you consider the conditions in which it was grown. The most classic coffee beans are mainly from Italy, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Sumatra, Kenya and Jamaica.

How to Make The Perfect Iced Coffee Blend?

Step 1:

Grind your coffee beans to its finest texture in a grinder or simply run to your local Costa to get your hands on an Italian Medium Roast Espresso coffee powder.

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Step 2:

Soak 1/3 of this powder and 2/3's of hot water in a French Press with it's flange or handle on top, allowing the mixture to soak. Leave it overnight in the fridge.

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Step 3:

Press down the flange to raise the levels of your dark Espresso.

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Step 4:

Take a Mason jar and fill it with 4 ice cubes first, then pour over the espresso shot into the jar, over the ice.

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Step 5:

Add some sugar or a natural sweetener like maple syrup into the blend.

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Step 6:

Add cold full-fat milk or cold milk+ cream, of equal proportion.

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Step 7:

Watch the colour change and form patterns, stir your iced coffee with a thin stirrer or a tall spoon.

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Step 8:

Smell the aroma before sipping your elixir.


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