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How to Begin a Blog About Luxury?

  • 21st Jun 2020
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How to Begin a Blog About Luxury?

A blog is a simple concept. Yet a truly complicated one. Most view a blog post as a carrier of information. Well, that is what it is. But with that, it is the communicator of value. A business that has a value to offer to a market, needs an effective way to communicate it. And hence blog has gained so much popularity as the medium over the years. Nearly every analyst thinks that luxury as a market has the potential to grow at a rate more than many expect. A 7% projected growth rate is enough to generate serious interest among new entrepreneurs. Obviously, the numbers are an incentive for businesses to venture into the luxury market. A good luxury blog can be a very important factor in the overal luxury digital marketing plan of any good luxury brand.

And hence luxury blogs have to be used very smartly indeed. Markets with the most potential of rising national income have the most scope of expansion for the luxury market. A developing economy is what McKinsey calls “New money”. There will always be a higher demand for luxury in markets like Brazil, India, etc. However, that doesn’t mean Europe and the US are lagging in growth. Millennials identify themselves with brands and like to be updated about them. Luxury news is something blogs can easily deliver.




The World of Blog

Here’s what needs to be understood about the world of blog. It’s huge! To put in terms of numbers, the internet today has about 153 million blogs. 15% of all websites on the internet hosts some kind of blog. So what do we have in a market where 153 million similar entities are present? That’s correct, Competition. The late 90s saw the advent of this web browsing tool and today it’s one of the most important forms of communication in the business world. The blog has come a long way from the days of logging content on the web for personal use. Marketing has seen a revolution with the evolution of algorithms of popular search engines. Modern businesses have blogs where they are promoting their goods and services with conviction with their SEO strategies. So, space already has some best practices in place and a new blog, that aims to stand apart, need to make its strategies and make its formulas for success.





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Luxury as a Subject

Luxury constitutes a wide array of topics. So, a blog needs to focus its attention on what area it wants to discuss. A blog might choose to dedicate itself to small segments of the luxury market like lifestyle, fashion, art, vehicle, travel, etc. Or if it is a part of a business that covers a large area of the market offering, these may just be segments of a blog covering most of the luxury market. The blog certainly does not have to be limited by the information and analysis of products of the business. A holistic view of the market is what a reader seeks in a blog post. Identifying the audience is a very important step for a blog. It will make topic selection easier. A writer needs to ask himself or herself what he or she would want to know about the topic if they were the reader.



The success of a blog is estimated by the number of views and traffic it gets organically. Obviously, it takes time for a blog to get good traffic and gain popularity. Even with the highest level of content quality, some studies suggest that popularity takes around 18 months to reach a newly founded blog. Search Engine Optimization is an important tool when it comes to visibility. Analysts say the quality is the highest form of SEO. Google and other search engines have evolved over the years. They no longer look for just keywords in their searches. This is an era of a combination of “relevance” and “authority” in content. An article stuffed with keywords might fool the engine in terms of relevance, but authority in terms of content demands equal importance if the article is to be displayed in the search results. So a blog has to be effective in making content efficient. An overload of keyword must not cloud the meaning and point of the article. The content must be efficient to actually address the issue identified in the topic and build towards analyzing it or solving it. Only good quality will communicate the desired message about the business and the blog. If a blog is regular and verified, it creates a sense of trust in the audience and traffic becomes regular.

For a business area as diverse and crowded with big brands as Luxury, there is very clear scope for a blog that delivers quality content to its audience. By understanding the audience and their thought process, topics can be engaging and binding, resulting in more organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization has to be applied to take care of the business side by bringing the audience of desired segments to the page. After that only quality content can hold the audience. To end with, in the Luxury market, quality is the last word and it is not smart to think only quality in products will suffice. Blog communicates values. The quality blog defines quality values.


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