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How Should You Plan For A Private Air Charter Travel?

  • 4th Jun 2021
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How Should You Plan For A Private Air Charter Travel?

The days and times of private aviation have changed dramatically. Business aviation or private aviation is no longer the 'luxury aviation' that it used to be. Private aviation has evolved and now taken the form of a utility travel option. With the ongoing pandemic the hesitation of flying private has largely gone away.

It is not only the ultra-rich or only the celebrities who are flying private but also many who have been used to flying only commercial airlines all these years. The Covid pandemic has got many used to flying by private charters in smaller groups and they have tasted the convenience that private aviation offers. The initial reasons were surely health related and due to the need to have social distancing, etc. However many new clients have now discovered that it is comfortable, bespoke in many ways, more secure, time saving and of course it is personal in the real sense when compared to commercial flying.

Private aviation has surely arrived and for many people now it will not be whether to fly private or commercial but it would actually be what type of private flying to choose from.

There are various options when it comes to private air travelling options and these include among others:

1. Air Charter
2. Private Flight Membership Programs
3. Jet and Fraction Cards
4. Complete Aircraft Ownership or Leasing
5. Fractional Share Ownership

Before you embark on your private aviation journey, there are many factors that you need to consider. These include among others:

Your budget
1. Frequency of flying
2. Preferred destinations & timings of flights
3. Advance Planning
4. Number of passengers and amount of luggage
5. Preference of single operator or otherwise
6. Preference of a particular aircraft
7. Your priority is extreme comfort or budget


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