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Gulf Sothebys and LuxHabitat Join to Form The Largest Luxury Real Estate Platform in Dubai

  • 16th Jun 2020
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Gulf Sothebys and LuxHabitat Join to Form The Largest Luxury Real Estate Platform in Dubai

A strategic alliance between Gulf Sothebys and LUXHABITAT has led to the formation of Dubai’s largest luxury real estate platform.

LUXHABITAT – a pioneer in Dubai's top of the line private property showcase from 2009 and one of the most grounded homegrown land brands – and Gulf Sotheby's International Realty, the universal extravagance real estate firm, have announced have reported a drawn out key collusion, this will see the formation of a bound together real estate platform pushing ahead.

With the combination of the strong record-breaking deals generating sales engine of Gulf Sotheby and the robust technology and marketing platform of LUXHABITAT together with the support of Sotheby’s International Realty,  the world’s largest global real estate brand, the most influential real estate firm will be  created in the region.

The association will bring about a converge of the deals and tasks groups from the two organizations and will result in a 10-year association that will converge their design, branding, marketing, and technology for mutual benefit. The new formed stage will likewise be co-branded to join the market qualities of the two organizations and increasing the brand awareness, customer loyalty and market share. The association will solidify the piece of the pie of the two firms to make a joined power of 75+ deals expedites. This will result in the largest digital platform for the real estate market of Dubai. This has been driven by LUXHABITAT for quite a long while.

The Dubai-based financer arm of the business will be initiated by George Azar as the Chairman and Chris Whitehead as Managing Partner driving the deals and tasks groups. On the other hand Oriol Font will remain the CEO at LUXHABITAT, this will fill in as the innovation and advertising accomplice for the new co-branded platform, while at the same time driving the worldwide expansion  of the proptech business. LUXHABITAT aims to support the established players in the field of innovation and marketing, this will act as the gamechanger for the entire conventional land business model. The market share of the two firms will be consolidated.

As per Oriol Font, CEO of LUXHABITAT, “Real estate players are facing an environment that requires them to focus on value-creation and a very multi-disciplinary skill set to remain competitive. The depth of talent and complementary expertise from both companies will enable us to better serve both our sales professionals and our increasingly demanding global clientele, We are proud of what we have achieved at LUXHABITAT, and we look forward to continuing our growth trajectory with a new business model focused on enabling traditional players with our marketing and technology expertise in real estate.

All our team members are excited to shape the next phase of our journey and build a leading high-end real estate platform together.”

The new formed firm is set to be operated from a completely new showroom at EMAAR Business Park, and  will speak to the biggest assortment of selective top of the line properties with local and global HNI customer base.


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