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Gucci in Conjunction With Snapchat Reveals Their Try on Shoppable AR Shoes

  • 30th Jun 2020
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Gucci in Conjunction With Snapchat Reveals Their Try on Shoppable AR Shoes

Snap Inc., maker of the Snapchat platform, has unveiled their new augmented reality shoe try-ons in June. Snap Inc. announced their new campaign using ‘Shoppable AR’ technology in its 2020 Snap Partner Summit.

Their initial campaign will feature an AR shoe ‘try-on’ filter, which has been created in conjunction with Gucci. This is definitely a very important step in the global luxury fashion industry.

The Kering Group brand created two lenses to showcase the two pairs of its latest shoes each, for a total of four styles comprising of Gucci Ace, Gucci Screener, Gucci Rhyton and Gucci Tennis 1977.

Snapchat users can choose shoes on-screen, point their cell phone's camera at their feet and for all intents and purposes give them a shot. What is more, in the event is that if they like what they see, they can purchase it directly from the lens. Snapchat's Shoppable AR innovation permits users to promptly buy by hitting the "shop now" button.

The lens debut denotes the most recent in a string of AR endeavors by the brand, just as ventures created by the longtime partners.

Gucci included an augmented reality try-out highlight in its original iOS application a year ago, permitting customers to for all intents and purposes overlay Ace tennis shoes over the camera view on their feet. Gucci allegedly worked with Wannaby, a similar vendor whose AI model powers the foot-tracking in Snapchat's AR shoe try-on. Its application additionally includes try-ons for other products such as lipstick, eyewear and many more. The lens created by Snapchat will transport the users to a Gucci-themed island.

The brand’s strategic collaboration with Snap Inc. is an extension of its tech pursuits. ” We have been partnering with Gucci for quite some time,” said Geoffrey Perez who is the global head of luxury at Snap. He further added, “whether with the Gucci Portal Lens launched last December or our limited editions of Gucci Spectacles, it has always been about bringing the user into an immersive and engaging experience.”

This new feature will be available to the Snapchat users from UK, US, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia.


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