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Global Fashion Retail Giant From Spain, Zara Forays Into Beauty

  • 6th May 2021
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Global Fashion Retail Giant From Spain, Zara Forays Into Beauty

The super successful global fashion company Zara has now set its eyes on another business - beauty. The Spain headquartered fashion retailer is coming up with a beauty collection that has multiple beauty solutions for eyes, lips, face, and nails. These beauty products have been created by British makeup artist Diane Kendal.

A bit about Diane Kendal

Diane Kendal happens to be British-born makeup artist and she calls New York City her home. She has gained immense respect and popularity as a beauty product consultant and makeup artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty. The talented makeup artist has also created product lines for Calvin Klein Cosmetics among many other noteworthy achievements.


More about Zara Beauty

 With Zara, Diane has put her best foot forward to formulate a clean and sustainable beauty collection with130 plus colors.

The well renowned makeup artist confirmed that the chance of creatively directing Zara Beauty also was a huge moment for her to create a beauty collection that everyone would like to use.

She believes that Since Zara as a global brand has a very inclusive approach thereby having such a vast audience and she has tried to emulate the same philosophy with the beauty collection of Zara by keeping it clean, refillable, and accessible everyone. She also added that she was extremely happy about the creation that has a myriad range of unique beauty formulas for eyes, lips, face, and nails.

In the past Zara has had an association with the beauty business in various ways. Zara collaborated with the well-known makeup artist Pat McGrath to introduce a lipstick linein the year 2018.

Previous beauty associations

Zara also came together with Jo Malone on a unique fragrance some time ago.
However, this work with Diane Kendal happens to be Zara's full-fledged beauty collection. The Zara beauty products will be introduced in United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Keeping in line with the age of online fashion, Zara customers have the option of trying the products virtually using Zara’s virtual try-on tool. The costs for the Zara beauty collection would range from 7 USD to 25 USD making it quite pocket friendly too.

It definitely seems like Zara, the well loved fashion company will surely mark its presence on the global beauty market with its well crafted beauty collection.


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