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From Mine To Box - The Autobiography Of A Tiffany Diamond

  • 21st Aug 2020
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From Mine To Box - The Autobiography Of A Tiffany Diamond

Tiffany & Co., one the finest jewellery brands in the world, has decided to give customers full disclosure of the route each diamond takes before it is cushioned and placed in velvet boxes. The U.S. brand set a new record in the industry by introducing transparency in terms of diamond mining locations, and every succeeding step towards creating the perfect diamond accessory. The company aims to truly connect its customers to its products, and hence wishes to share the story of each diamond.

The brand sources a majority of rough diamonds, and only a small percentage (10-20%) of polished diamonds that are above 0.18 carats are bought externally. Vertical integration in the company is one of the key factors that led to its acquisition by one of the greatest luxury conglomerates, LVMH.

Tiffany believes not only in sourcing the highest quality diamonds, but also in being socially and environmentally judicious when doing so. Most of its diamonds originate from mines in Russia, Canada, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. A large percentage of these diamonds that it sources internally are sent to Antwerp for segregation in terms of shape, size, fluorescence, etc.

The next step involves setting up design templates and sending the chosen diamonds to its owned or approved cutting-and-polishing workshops in Mauritius, Botswana, Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as in Antwerp. These then reach Tiffany’s in-house laboratories in the US, Cambodia and Vietnam for evaluation and quality assurance.

Retailers then set the diamonds into jewellery at the American workshops, and place them in the classic Tiffany boxes and bags that make them ready to be whisked away.

To ensure that customers are able to access even the most miniscule details about their chosen diamond, all information will be reflected upon Tiffany’s diamond certificates. Salespeople can also answer and inform customers regarding the traceability of every unique Tiffany diamond.

Making their environmental and social concern known is extremely crucial to the brand, and diamond traceability is an excellent method Tiffany & Co. has taken up to do just that.



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