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Forever Flowers in India: The Incredible Ecuadorian Roses Are Here !!

  • 27th Mar 2023
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Forever Flowers in India: The Incredible Ecuadorian Roses Are Here !!

Forever Flowers in India

Were you aware that Ecuador is well-known not only as the location of the wealthy Galapagos Islands, but also for its exotic flowers, most notably its roses?

Ecuador is the world's leading supplier of fresh-cut flowers, and now they've gone one step further by preserving their enormous, stunning roses to immortalise them and offer you 'Forever Roses'!

What are Everlasting Roses?

Forever Roses are genuine roses with a one-year lifespan! Each flower is hand-picked, the stems are removed, and the buds and petals are preserved using a non-toxic solution. The roses ultimately maintain their form, structure, and tenderness. They may be dyed in about every colour imaginable, including metallic hues like as gold and rose gold that evoke the sense of gilt-edged monarchy. From appearance to texture, everything about it is genuine!

With its Embassy and Commerce Office (PRO ECUADOR), the Ecuadorian government intends to market this unique commodity in India.


"Our country's climate, especially in the Andes area, and its position on the equator enable us to produce the highest quality fresh roses. Properly preserved, roses do not need water or sunshine to maintain their shape, and under perfect circumstances, they may endure for years "


says H.E. Ambassador Mr. Teodoro Maldonado.

Mrs. Cristina Chiriboga from the Trade Office of Ecuador explains,


"India's plethora of festivals, events, and customs are occasions for gift exchange, and Ecuadorian everlasting roses are a fantastic giving alternative."


Juan Diego Ucros of the Ecuadorian company Roseamor, a partner in this government effort, emphasises the social and environmental aspects of the cultivation of everlasting roses.

"We rely on our 25 years of knowledge to innovate high-quality, everlasting roses while protecting the environment and our communities. At Rose Amor, we cleanse the water used in our operations so that it is returned to the river far cleaner than when it arrived. Nature and our people motivated us to create the preservation formula that enables us to have everlasting roses adorning our homes, celebrations, etc. In addition, these ethereal roses are also accessible in India."

What Ecuador has done for the flower business is miraculous. These everlasting roses are an enticing touch to private gatherings.

They are a paradisiacal option for any assortment or gift baskets. Priyanka Verma exclaims, "Real flowers that last over a year is an understatement!" (Founder of Ecua Flores LLP, largest importers of Forever flowers in India.)

Forever Flowers are a memento capable of retaining memories, as well as a sign of enduring affection for a particular someone. They are the ideal substitute for any occasion in which one would give flowers. 

Give this present of affection with those that brighten your life to commemorate the relationship you adore!


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