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For Automobile & Watch Aficionados, Golden Concept and MANSORY Release an Exclusive Range of Apple Watch Series 7 Watch Cases

  • 11th Apr 2022
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For Automobile & Watch Aficionados, Golden Concept and MANSORY Release an Exclusive Range of Apple Watch Series 7 Watch Cases

Golden Concept of Sweden & MANSORY of Germany Have Released a Luxury Collection of Apple Watch Series 7 Watch Cases

In a first-of-its-kind design partnership, MANSORY and Golden Concept are presenting an exclusive collection of Apple Watch Series 7 watch cases.

MANSORY and Golden Concept have collaborated to produce a new generation of Apple accessories.

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These watch cases appeal to both automobile fans and watch aficionados, since they showcase never-before-seen designs while retaining the distinguishing characteristics and superior workmanship associated with MANSORY and Golden Concept.

Both businesses have been identified with the most beautiful designs in their respective sectors for many years, developing and refining their goods to satisfy the expectations of the contemporary luxury buyer.

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The cooperation between MANSORY and Golden Concept enables speed and technology enthusiasts to journey through time and space in style, with clocks that blend the best of two famous design worlds.

The RS-MANSORY collection has been made available in four colours online beginning 6 April 2022 on the MANSORY and Golden Concept websites. Additionally, a limited quantity of watch cases are being sold at select retail locations globally.

The watch casings' technologies in detail:

The watch casings are designed particularly for the Apple Watch Series 7 (45 mm) and feature an easy-to-connect design. Customized screws secure the casing and provide an exquisite and unique touch to the design.

As is natural, the RS-MANSORY casing must include carbon - the substance for which the MANSORY firm has been known for many years. In this instance, the carbon fibres used in the watch casings were manufactured for the first time utilising cutting-edge thin-film technique. This unique technique, which layers paper-thin carbon fibres for ultimate durability, was created primarily for extreme sports like sailing and cycling.

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Additionally, Mansory manufactures one-of-a-kind rubber components for watch casings using a proprietary Fluoroelastomer (FKM). This fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber is unmatched in terms of temperature and chemical resistance, withstanding temperatures ranging from -40°C to +225°C. This implies that even when exposed to humidity, saltwater, or harsh weather conditions, the watches retain their functionality. Your watch will appear the same whether you're sailing in the Mediterranean or swimming in a hotel pool. Additionally, the material is very resistant and durable mechanically, forms a snug and discreet fit around the wrist, and is pleasantly soft and feels wonderful against the skin. On the strap, the MANSORY inscription is embossed on both sides and emphasised with a particular sheen, creating a stunning contrast with the strap's matt surface.

The RS-MANSORY comes in four fashionable colours:


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Each of these shades is a nod to previous launch colours for other popular MANSORY models over the last several years. For instance, "SPORTY MINT" is synonymous with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Coastline, while "LIME BLISS" is synonymous with the Aston Martin DBX.


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