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Fly in Luxury With AirSprint Private Aviation

  • 1st Mar 2021
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Fly in Luxury With AirSprint Private Aviation

Born out of the Canadian mountains this company provides private aviation services to people who need it. Canada being a snowy place with different government norms, didn’t give this company a fair chance. Also Canadian culture being modest didn’t cater to private aviation so soon. But even after all the negativity, AirSprint was formed. It was born out of sheer ambition of two pilot friends, Judson Macor and Phil Dewsnap. They met in 1990 at the University of Alberta and soon started an aviation company with one plane, a Pilatus PC-12. The fleet has grown to 18 planes now with offices in Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. It flies Canadians from Coast to coast, including services from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, and the Maritimes. Since 2000s AirSprint has ranked 286 in private aviation amongst the top growing companies in Canada. To book your experience or to even know more, head down to their website:

AirSprint provides private jet services without any hassle. They do this by providing fractional ownership instead of complete ownership to their clients. Now the States was quite famously exploiting benefits out of fractional ownership, so the Canadians thought why not? The basic model of Fractional ownership is that you own a share of a private jet rather than having to own the entire aircraft- whether this is a quarter, an eight, etc. a sixteenth share of the jet would normally board about 50 hours of flying time.

Owning a private jet is very costly, with AirSprint the maintenance cost of a private jet is close to Zero. It becomes a hassle free experience especially if you travel a lot to different parts of the world. Be it a spontaneous vacation with family or an important business meeting on the other side of the globe, AirSprint has you covered. With less than 8 hours of notice you can get the jet you paid for all fueled- up and ready to go. The lavish interiors of the flight will make you drool over it. It gives you the benefits of owning a jet without acknowledging the maintenance, upkeep and the staff.

The goal of the company has always been to provide successful Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time and resources by accentuating their private jet experience for a fraction of the cost. AirSprint has an exceptional turn- key service, and a very comprehensive safety system in flight. AirSprint has a sterling safety record for 20 years now and will continue to be a pioneer in the industry.


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