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Explore Oppidum's Subterranean Luxury Residences, The Ultimate Haven of Safety & Comfort

  • 8th Dec 2022
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Explore Oppidum's Subterranean Luxury Residences, The Ultimate Haven of Safety & Comfort

Oppidum, an engineering, technology, and development firm that specialises in ultra-luxurious reinforced underground houses, proposes a novel arrangement for safe underground living. It is known as the Futurist, and it promises to safeguard not only its residents but also their costly possessions and works of art.

The Oppidum Futurist exhibits sophisticated, ageless elegance in a contemporary exhibition environment. Fine art is an essential component of what motivates our clientele. While protection and comfort are inescapable demands, Oppidum acknowledges that there is much more to life than total safety. The Oppidum Futurist acts as an extension of the house, a unique location for displaying and conserving irreplaceable treasures. — Jakub Zamrazil, Oppidum Founder & CEO



The architect Marc Prigent, who designed some of the world's most exquisite hotel interiors for the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, envisioned the new Futurist by Oppidum as a contemporary art museum housed under a client's existing property. Typically constructed under a residence's yard or driveway, the bunker may be entered at any time.

The Futurist style is distinguished by rounded forms and curved walls. The opulent bunker is equipped with advanced lighting systems that illuminate day and night around the clock. Oppidum gives the protection of a bank vault in a room designed exclusively for displaying, lighting, and maintaining each artwork and object d'art.

The business builds a full environment throughout the Futurist, replete with subtle background sounds and natural features. The bunker is a serene haven since it is surrounded by plants and a variety of water features, such as fountains, brooks, and streams that flow softly.



The new Futurist exhibit is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies, including blast protection, airtightness, off-grid electricity, and further cutting-edge technology. Its setup safeguards customers against any threat in the globe, as well as great art, rare books, and other treasures, as well as priceless wines and spirits.

With subterranean fortified houses beginning at $10 million, the Swiss developer can create any safe living environment conceivable, according to the demands of each individual customer. Location and size determine pricing. The initial cost of the brand-new Oppidum Futurist is around $40 million.

Oppidum is an engineering, technology, and development firm located in Switzerland that specialises in ultra-luxurious protected subterranean apartments. They design subterranean places that are completely safe, wholly discrete, lavishly equipped, and absolutely custom – all inside your domain. Regardless of what occurs in the outer world, you may rest certain that you, your loved ones, and your most prized things have a haven of safety and comfort nearby for as long as you need.


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