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Evan Cygler of Bugatti Greenwich is the 2022 Winner of the Bugatti Sales Excellence Programme

  • 16th Feb 2023
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Evan Cygler of Bugatti Greenwich is the 2022 Winner of the Bugatti Sales Excellence Programme

Evan Cygler is Best Performing Brand Manager, Bugatti’s Sales Excellence Programme 2022

In Bugatti's Sales Excellence Programme 2022, Evan Cygler, Bugatti Brand Manager and Director of Special Projects at Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut, has been voted "Best Performing Brand Manager."

Evan has now won the championship for the second consecutive year, adding 2021 to his collection.

Each year, the Sales Excellence Programme acknowledges the three highest-performing brand managers from across the globe who embody the Bugatti concept and generate unparalleled experiences and connections. Following his triumph in 2021, Evan once again shown extraordinary performance and love for Bugatti, helping the Molsheim-based company in achieving another record year. Last year, he was the first salesperson from the United States to receive the prize.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Automobiles, said, "Evan and his team's excitement for Bugatti is a sight to witness. He is always eager to go above and above for his clients, following Ettore Bugatti's philosophy that:

"If similar, it is no longer a Bugatti" in its most literal form. Evan's service is meticulously polished to meet the world-class qualities of our brand, just as our vehicles are meticulously constructed to reflect the Bugatti ethos. His commitment to Bugatti makes him an exceptional collaborator."

The Bugatti Greenwich showroom is around 45 minutes from New York City, and the staff arranges a variety of activities, including as rallies and car exhibitions, so that clients may enjoy the unique experience of owning and driving a Bugatti even more.

Evan said,

"As a lifetime Bugatti enthusiast, it is a true honour for me to assist our clients in designing their dream automobile. However, it is just a portion of our responsibility. We are also committed to giving them with an unparalleled experience, which is what really sets Bugatti apart from the competition. With the assistance of my incredible Greenwich colleagues, we were able to do this in 2022 and will endeavour to do it again in 2023. It was an honour to receive this prize for the first time last year, but to win it back-to-back years is quite remarkable."

As a reward for his achievements, Evan will have the very uncommon chance to participate in a spectacular '400 Drive,' during which he will pilot a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport1 at speeds in excess of 400 km/h at Cape Canaveral in Florida, after intense training with a Bugatti Pilote Officiel.

Evan said,

"Very few people in the world will ever get the opportunity to experience a Bugatti at its maximum speed, so the possibility of achieving more than 400 kilometres per hour in one of these remarkable vehicles is quite thrilling."

Zakariya Khatib of Bugatti Dubai and Catherine Nol of Bugatti Zurich tied for second place in the Bugatti Sales Excellence Programme 2022 with Evan Cygler. They will also get an excellently carved trophy based on Bugatti's distinctive horseshoe grill.

The standard of service and performance across the global Bugatti network is exceptional, and while the Sales Excellence Programme shines a spotlight on the very best, all customers are assured that their entire Bugatti ownership experience, beginning with their very first interaction in a showroom, will be unforgettable.


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