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Ellington Properties and Al Hilal Homes Announce Luxury villas in The Palm Jumeirah Dubai

  • 7th Apr 2021
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Ellington Properties and Al Hilal Homes Announce Luxury villas in The Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Launch of Unique Luxury Villas

Luxury real estate in Dubai just got a very strong addition to its portfolio in 2021. Ellington properties that is considered as one of the leading luxury real estate developers in Dubai has inked an agreement with Al Hilal Homes, a luxury real estate brokerage in Dubai to develop luxury homes in Dubai. As part of the understanding Ellington Properties will develop intrinsically planned and beautifully designed exclusive villas in Dubai in The Palm Jumeirah.

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the most desired luxury real estate locations in Dubai and premium property investors in Dubai flock to this high end location to pick up some of the choicest prestigious luxury homes for themselves.

Adding to the kitty

The understanding between Ellington Properties & Al Hilal Homes would automatically mean that the current collection of exclusive luxury villas in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai that Ellington properties hold, will grow beautifully. Around 3 years ago, Ellington properties developed four superbly designed majestic beachfront villas on The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. These luxury villas in Dubai sold successfully at a whopping price of approximately USD 20 million. These premium residential villas in The Palm Jumeirah are testimonials to the luxury development vision that Ellington Properties, Dubai have for the region.

Luxury Homes in The Palm Jumeirah

Elie Naaman who happens to be the CEO - International for Ellington Properties is of the opinion that Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations for luxury real estate investors.  He believes that the addition of these ultra-premium villas in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai by Ellington Properties in association with Al Hilal Homes will create a great opportunity for luxury home buyers in Dubai to choose from.

The CEO of Al Hilal Homes Jaouad Bouhannouch confirms that Ellington Properties has indeed created a very exclusive position for itself in the Dubai luxury real estate market. With the amazing list of designer luxury properties in Dubai that have won accolades and awards from the real estate industry, Ellington Properties is surely a respected real estate developer in Dubai and associating with them to construct these premium luxury villas in Palm Jumeirah fuels their own luxury real estate portfolio in Dubai too.


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