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Eclectic Pomellato Aims For The Stars With Its First High Jewelry Collection

  • 20th Jul 2020
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Eclectic Pomellato Aims For The Stars With Its First High Jewelry Collection

Italian jewelry brand Pomellato, known for its whimsical designs and beloved by Hollywood stars, has debuted a new high jewelry collection, undaunted by the timing and optimistic of the potential to crack new markets.

La Gioia which is Pomellato’s first high jewellery collection is literally a labour of love for this luxury jewelry company. Pomellato’s creative director Vincenzo Castaldo confirms that creating the amazing La Gioia was far more than just a creative process. As per him it has been a journey of awareness;, of their identity. It has also been a revisit to Pomellato's aesthetic codes and its deep rooted culture in a way for Castaldo and his team.

The ultra famous Italian jewelry company Pomellato is well known for its out of the box jewelry designs. Notwithstanding the current Covid pandemic crisis, Pomellato has luanched a mesmerising brand new high jewelry collection with an objective to capture new markets and increase its reach further.

This super luxury jewelry brand which was founded by Pino Rabolini in Milan way back in the year 1967 is one of the top 5 leading jewellers in Europe in terms of actual sales. As a matter of fact the luxury conglomerate Kering owns Pomellato brand today having acquired it in the year 2013.

Some of the most well known jewelry collections of Kering include Nudo, Capri, Sabbia, M'Ama Non M'Ama, Iconica, Victoria, Tango and many more.


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