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Dive In and Experience - The Wonders of the Ocean at OBLU NATURE

  • 21st Nov 2021
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Dive In and Experience - The Wonders of the Ocean at OBLU NATURE

OBLU NATURE is all about celebrating a carefree natural environment in the Helengeli Island in Maldives. Helengeli island is renowned for its spectacular house reef – just metres from the shore. The natural channels on both sides of the island bring an abundance of tropical fishes and biodiversity. Making the house reef a true diver’s paradise at the OBLU Nature.

A thrilling 50-minutes speedboat ride from Malé International Airport brings you to Helengeli island. After your journey, you are rewarded with a welcome sight of clear turquoise water and a white sandy beach ringed by swaying palm trees. Take a dip for a rendezvous with your new aquatic friends - majestic sea turtles, reef sharks, octopuses, manta rays, and colourful shoals of fish, a wholesome nature experience, much beyond a typical 4-star resort.

OBLU NATURE surrounded by lush green vistas and a locally inspired design environment is a serene place where one can find barefoot happiness. With its island-inspired, bohemian vibe, OBLU NATURE Helengeli is an ideal getaway for everyone – from families and couples to avid explorers, snorkelers and channel divers.

About OBLU NATURE at Helengeli:

OBLU NATURE HELENGELI is woven into the nature-inspired design ethos throughout the resort’s 116 standalone beach villas. This 4-star superior resort is located in the most extraordinary corner of North Malé Atoll, Maldives. Relish the private lagoon experience with the Deluxe Lagoon Pool Villas located half on land and half in the water with a unique view of the horizon and direct access to the Indian Ocean.

The warm service culture and a laid-back tropical lifestyle puts you at ease. The island rhythm allows you to reconnect with yourself. Your own favourite spot to comfortably immerse in a lush, verdant wonderland.


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