Danish Luxury Brand Bang & Olufsen Unveils 'Beocom Portal'- a New Age Headset

  • 28th Sep 2022
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Danish Luxury Brand Bang & Olufsen Unveils 'Beocom Portal'- a New Age Headset

With a specialised headset, the Danish luxury brand Bang & Olufsen intensifies its enterprise efforts.

With the advent of Beocom Portal, a new proposal for the expanding number of hybrid employees has been made. The headset blends the characteristic sound of Bang & Olufsen with business-oriented features and usefulness.

"The Beocom Portal headset is designed primarily to meet the demands of professionals who need high-quality audio and design as well as work-appropriate functions and technologies. The introduction of Beocom Portal is the next major step in our efforts to expand our business-to-business portfolio, a key strategic priority area for Bang & Olufsen, according to Bang & Olufsen's Head of Enterprise, John Howard.

The Beocom brand capitalises on the tradition of Bang & Olufsen. The name was presented for the first time in 1982, when the corporation chose to enter the stationary telephone sector. Bang & Olufsen's stationary phones were discontinued in 1998, but the company's brand is being revived to launch a new product range.

Beocom Portal includes Zoom

Bang & Olufsen has steadily grown into the enterprise sector via collaboration with industry-leading partners and strategic alliances. The certification of the Beocom Portal by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. will enhance the product experience by delivering clear and smooth audio.

According to Zoom's Strategic Alliances Marketing Lead Jeff Fox, the need for multi-purpose devices with an emphasis on design and sound is on the rise.

"In this new age of hybrid working, our clients, particularly the younger demographic, are becoming more conscious of design and sound. They use Zoom on many devices in a variety of daily circumstances and want the gadgets to be high-quality, effective, and aesthetically pleasing, whether they are participating in sports, travelling, or working from home or the office," says Jeff Fox.

Key characteristics of the Beocom Portal include:

Beocom Portal has been validated for use with Zoom and is compatible with the most major communication systems. Thanks to the dongle supplied with the headset, a pre-paired wireless experience with enhanced connectivity and quality is made available with quick access and no interruptions or lost connections.

Bang & Olufsen trademark sound: The speakers are refined by Bang & Olufsen's top-tier acoustic experts, resulting in the uncompromising Bang Olufsen signature sound.

An array of beamforming microphones isolate and enhance the user's speech while cancelling out surrounding noise for crystal-clear interactions. Touch controls that are easy to use enable rapid access to critical voice functions such as mute and ANC/own voice customization.

The headset is meant to give comfort and introduce Scandinavian design qualities to the work sector, making it suitable for all-day usage. The Beocom Portal headphones are designed for prolonged use and include memory foam ear cushions. Its integrated jaw support enhances both acoustic performance and comfort. The inside headband is constructed from a high-quality boo material, selected for its durability and breathability, and has a unique offset cushioning to alleviate pressure and prevent prolonged use discomfort.

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