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Dandelion Day Launches A Delightful Second Daywear Line Called Vintage Boulevard

  • 6th May 2022
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Dandelion Day Launches A Delightful Second Daywear Line Called Vintage Boulevard

Dandelion Day has released its second daywear line, Vintage Boulevard, after the success of Floret last year.

Vintage Boulevard

An avenue of dreams, teeming with optimism and enveloping you in a loving embrace, Mumbai is a feeling unto itself. The city, which exudes old-world beauty, has its own culture, notable historical sites, and centuries-old customs. Mumbai is a haven for individuals who are not scared to dream, and yet its history and stories are not lost in the city's frenetic pace.

Dandelion Day's Vintage Boulevard pays respect to Mumbai and its unflinching energy.

While the world returns to normal, nature heals itself, and we resume our lives as usual, the streets of Mumbai are once again alive with activity. Dandelion's heart is in this city, steeped in its enticing elegance and European architecture. Celebrating life's rebirth in this concrete jungle of dreams, this collection aims to honour those who dare while appreciating the home it gives for all of us.

This collection features floral designs in vintage-influenced styles that are inspired by caressing summer sonnets, flower-filled nooks, and the homey atmosphere of the suburbs. With dark olive greens, cheery yellows, and pristine whites, the colour palette evokes the vintage spirit of Mumbai. The soft cotton daywear shapes refract through sepia, breathe through the city's architecture, and encapsulate the endearing spirit of old-world Mumbai.


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