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Cultus Artem by Holly Tupper Redefines The Art of Luxury Fragrance

  • 14th Apr 2021
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Cultus Artem by Holly Tupper Redefines The Art of Luxury Fragrance

Originating out of San Antonio, Texas, United States, this fragrance house is surely spreading its scents far and wide. The Founder of Cultus Artem, Holly Tupper is a woman that overlooks multiple things including testing fragrances, looking at production, packaging and everything in between.

It is no wonder that with such focused attention and dedication Cultus Artem has been developing a range of rich natural scents and has been spreading its influence across in a very short span of time.

The influence of the Founder who is a creative director and also a perfumer is very obvious in the way this luxury fragrance brand goes about doing its business.
Holly Tupper says that her fascination with the art of creating adornment, from jewelery making to creating fragrances, commenced at an early age. As a kid she was drawn towards a neighborhood parfumerie downstairs from her apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that would formulate fragrances for private clientele.

Creatively Fragrant

Its description on its Facebook page mentions that "Cultus Artem marries exquisite natural raw materials with traditional manufacturing techniques to deliver a tactile and engrossing experience". Now this is indeed a very attractive and vividly beautiful way to ask your audience to go and enjoy their exquisite collection of luxury fragrances.

A Vertically Integrated Perfume Brand

Another reason behind the focus and success of Cultus Artem as luxury perfume brand is the fact that it is genuinely vertically integrated. A 100 year old telephone exchange building is the house of its design studio, salon, lab, production and packaging area.

Everything with regards to this luxury perfume brand happens in house and that is one very big advantage that this luxury fragrance brand offers its customers. The entire company premises resemble the union of a laboratory and a designer studio.
You have test tubes, apparatus and other materials used in scent making on one side and paintings and other design elements on another.

The Details at Cultus Artem

This American luxury perfume brand is a mix of various influences that include painting, fashion design, jewelry designing and even bond trading. These are the activities that the Founder has experienced in places like New York, New Orleans and even Singapore.

The various amounts and types of experiences that Holly has undergone have fashioned her unique approach to perfume making. For example looking for thoroughly pure pigments as a painter made her thinking about blending fragrances in such intricate details; her experience with individual stonecutters as a jeweler encouraged her interactions with independent family distillation companies. Holly has literally gone across the world and her fragrant global experiences have surely played a huge part in the creation of such an exotic range of perfumes at Cultus Artem.


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