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Christopher Raeburn Introducing The Lab E20 in London's East Village

  • 30th Jul 2021
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Christopher Raeburn Introducing The Lab E20 in London's East Village

Christopher Raeburn is a very famous British fashion designer, also the global creative director of Timberland and is renowned for reworking excess fabrics and garments to produce menswear, womenswear and beautiful accessories.

Presently Christopher Raeburn is on the verge of designing and creating a new creative community design lab in Stratford.

This highly creative hub has been coined as The Lab E20 and this amazing place will collate emerging, local and global pioneers in fashion, tech and design from the local E20 community, Newham and from across London.

The Lab E20 will be open for visitors from July 2021 and Christopher Raeburn is extremely proud and happy about the same. As per his thoughts The Lab E20 will be “a meaningful space for all creative thinkers, alongside a provocation to the industry to reconsider our approach to material use and the merits of waste”.

The amazing hub with a size of around 3500 square foot space will be housed on ground floor of Victory Plaza on East Park Walk, Stratford, London E20.

One of the major events happening there in the coming days would be something termed as PREVIEW’ which is going to be half year round project that will have a mix of  exhibitions, installations, workshops and events.

This would also be backed by Get Living (a residential owner and rental management company in London) and would feature entities like British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion and others.

British Fashion Council CEO Caroline Rush is thrilled about the fact that the East Village in London would become the intersection where creative experimentation and social values combine.

The director of East Village; Jackie Robinson also opined that the introduction of PREVIEW with Raeburn’s exhibition would be a strong reminder that making sustainable choices is a collective responsibility.


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