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Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Set to be Converted to a Members Only Hotel

  • 7th Aug 2020
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Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Set to be Converted to a Members Only Hotel

LA's well known Chateau Marmont first opened as an extraordinary high rise building in 1929 before being converted into a hotel due to the Great Depression and subsequently becoming a meeting point for some of the biggest celebrities of the United States. André Balazs who runs the show now, has confirmed that they will change the format once again and make this a more private, members-only luxury hotel similar to a posh private residential club.

The fancy Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, a very famous hobnobbing location for VIPs and host to events for the ultra-rich and wealthy people, will now become a members-only hotel in the next year. Chateau Marmont is still one of the best luxury hotels in the United States.

A representative for the hotel management, Andre Balazs, affirmed the arrangements to transform the 91-year-old structure into a luxury hotel where a select gathering of high net worth individuals become tied up with a portion of the portfolio of the best luxury real estate on the planet, and are offered planned access to the entire opulent property.

The members of the new revamped luxury hotel will be entitled to the shares of the premium property and they will be needed to pay a month fee to suffice for the management costs. They will have access to the private dining area and will also have a butler at their disposal. The members can leave their belongings and enjoy extended period of stays as well.

The members will have the option to sell their shares back to the hotel management or other endorsed individuals, as they would with some other land venture investment.

The pandemic indicated that security was absolutely critical to visitors and restricting the hotel to choose its members guarantees that administration authorities know all visitors before they show up.

Balazs plans to expand company in key urban focuses like London, New York, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and so on.

The famous luxury hotel almost functioned as a member only property as per Balazs because prior to the pandemic, almost 70% visitors were actually repeat clients.

Like other luxury properties globally, the Chateau Marmont has been hard hit by the pandemic forcing them to cut the team size. After a month, the hotel has launched an online store to sell Chateau Marmont products to help the staffs that has lost their jobs.

The palace like luxury hotel was initially created as a high rise during the 1920s before it was transformed into a premium hotel in 1931. Some of the biggest celebrities and VIPs like Greta Garbo, Hunter S. Thompson, Howard Hughes, James Dean, John Belushi and Lindsay Lohan have visited this iconic and prestigious luxury hotel in Los Angeles.


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