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Bugatti's Holiday Gift Guide For 2022 is Awesome

  • 22nd Nov 2022
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Bugatti's Holiday Gift Guide For 2022 is Awesome

Exquisite. Elegant and classy: The definitive Christmas gift guide that enhances the Bugatti lifestyle.

From a contemporary clock to a Rembrandt-inspired limited-edition carved 'Dancing Elephant' and the world's first smartwatch with a full carbon fibre casing, Bugatti offers a collection of gifts that transcend the realms of luxury, fine art, technology, and innovation.

Lalique crystal 'Dancing Elephant'

Long linked with Bugatti workmanship, precise engineering, and elegance, Rembrandt's "Dancing Elephant" adorns the hood of the legendary Type 41 Royale. Lalique's interpretation of this renowned sculpture, which is available in clear, black, amber, and blue crystal, was inspired by this background. Each item in this limited edition is numbered, hand-signed, and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

The "Grand Illusion Chiron" by Bugatti

The Bugatti "Form Follows Function" principle is perfectly expressed in a beautiful and secure multifunction safe capped with a Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock. The BUBEN&ZORWEG for Bugatti 'Grande Illusion Chiron' is available in a variety of sizes and colours, weighs 215 kg, and has technologies that screen it from radio waves and enable it to be opened via a biometric fingerprint sensor or a secure transponder chip.

Vintage Champagne

The time to celebrate is always unique, whether it is a private and intimate moment with a loved one or a huge social event with friends. Launched by Bugatti partner Champagne Carbon, every joyous moment is enhanced with a glass of B.03, an excellent 2013 Blanc de Blancs vintage encased in a bottle displaying the blue and black carbon fibre dual tone and the Bugatti Bolide's distinctive front- and rear-design 'X' feature.

'Jean Bugatti' timepiece

Bugatti has always incorporated a feeling of time into the design of its iconic and enduring vehicles. This concept inspired the development of the 'Jean Bugatti' watch, the most recent timepiece to emerge from Jacob & Co. and Bugatti's collaboration. The "Jean Bugatti" is a suitable monument to Ettore Bugatti's most skilled designer son, Jean. Under the domed sapphire crystal, the vibrant metal blue dial of this newest watch is adorned with white gold appliques to provide a sensation of depth, substance, and plushness.

"Limited Bugatti Carbone Edition" smartwatch

The 'Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition' is the world's first smartwatch to be manufactured with a complete carbon fibre casing, and it embodies a feeling of time. The carbon fibre components of the smartwatch are machined from a single block and finished with blue shading accents. They are manufactured by VIITA. The battery's modern technology and 540 mAh capacity enable it to operate for up to 15 days on a single charge.

'UYN for Bugatti'

Designed to be the ultimate shoe for urban adventure, the 'UYN for Bugatti' combines remarkable performance and comfort. The 'UYN for Bugatti' was designed using bio-based Natex fibre and a proprietary air dual ventilation system to provide the perfect microclimate for the foot. The ultralight shoe is available in black, blue, and grey.


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