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British Luxury Car Bentley Hits Record Sales in 2021

  • 17th Nov 2021
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British Luxury Car Bentley Hits Record Sales in 2021

Imagine luxury and Great Britain together and you can see the super luxury British car brand Bentley.

Founded in London way back in 1919 (more than a century ago), Bentley is as luxury as a car can get, literally.

Well the last couple of years have been phenomenal for this luxury automaker as its luxury car sales have delightfully peaked.

A whopping 11,206 units in 2020 and an amazing run in 2021 have made it a dream period for Bentley. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects have not affected its sales volume and on the contrary pushed it higher. This is surely a testament to the huge love and respect that this luxury car has earned over the years from its clients.

Complete electrification

With such astonishing sales numbers, anyone would simply want to continue in the same vein and not change too much, right? Well not Bentley for sure as it has plane to go all electric with its luxury cars in all earnestness in the coming years. Apparently Bentley's first luxury electric car would be ready by 2025 and from there on the British luxury car maker looks to make electric vehicles exclusively.

Its brand identity has created due to some exceptional factors including its huge and 12-cylinder engines. Only time will tell if Bentley the luxury car brand would be able to balance its golden past with the dynamic future.


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