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Bringing Music To Your Ears In Style With Luxurious Speaker Brand Estelon

  • 20th Jan 2021
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Bringing Music To Your Ears In Style With Luxurious Speaker Brand Estelon

An established name in the audio industry, Estelon is a high-end brand that designs the world’s most luxurious speaker systems featuring modern, contemporary yet unique designs, contributing to creating a truly magical music experience.

What makes Estelon so evidently stand out from the others is the sheer efficiency with which each design is put together, representing years of knowledge and experience in aptly understanding the world of acoustics.

Estelon The Brand

Image courtesy: Estelon

While the identity of Estelon was brought to life in 2010, the conception of it began way beyond it when the brands chief designer and engineer, Alfred Vassilkov had a realization of his long-held passion and intent for creating the best speakers in the world.

This passion was fueled years ago when Alfred was a young boy living in the Soviet Era who was always intrigued by electrical systems. He often found himself dismantling radios, figuring out wiring systems and putting together components to make the sound quality better in some way.

He was intrigued by the small changes that could lead to such massive differences in the way audio was processed. With the idea of pursuing his passion, he attended university and studied electro-acoustics at St Petersberg.

His genuine passion and talent led him to work in the audio industry for nearly 25 years before he decided to take matters in to his own hands and finally work on building the brand he had always dreamed of as a child.

Image courtesy: Stereophile

It was on a fine Sunday morning that Alfred was at breakfast with his family when the idea struck him. He had made the decision to start his own speaker company instead of selling the business idea to somebody else. The news could not have been more perfect for his family since both his daughters, Kristiina and Alissa joined him as key executives in making his vision come to life.

Even while working as an employee, Alfred always strived for perfection and overcame challenges successfully, learning from mistakes and using those lessons to do better next time.

While these experiences helped him create the most effective designs using unique materials, the lush greenery and dense forests of Estonia formed an integral part of inspiration in creating the perfect blend of design and engineering at Estelon.

Each and every detail that goes into creating these unique pieces are carefully processed, examined and tested before being approved. This luxurious speaker brand uses the most cutting-edge technology combined with creativity to bring efficient audio systems to customers.

Image courtesy: HiFirePort

Being an engineer, Alfred envisions to strive for perfection at every stage of production in order to produce the most unique looking modern speakers on the outside with sheer perfection on the inside.

Estelon is proud to be associated with some of the top brands and leaders in the world today and has gained laurels of appreciation for its inventive approach to design and audio.

It has also won the ‘Innovation Award’ twice in the Consumers Electronics Show and the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ as some of the very many titles the brand has garnered over the years.

The brand is also celebrating its 10th year with a special anniversary release known as Estelon Forza, which is made under a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Along with a power-packed performance the speaker has an intensely luxurious appeal with touches of Black Pearl Gloss and Gold accents, highlighting its incredibly unique design.

To know more about Estelon and their product ranges, you can find the link below.



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