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Bring on the Festive Season with this Vibrant Collaboration

  • 16th Oct 2020
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Bring on the Festive Season with this Vibrant Collaboration

What happens when an extraordinary creative brand and a haute couture designer come together for the second time? Kaboom!

It's called history recreated.

Well that’s what happened when the vibrant and peppy traditional Indian jutti brand- Fizzy Goblet and the iconic Indian haute couture designer, Rahul Mishra have come together for the second time to create a festive season collection!

Image courtesy: fizzygoblet

Guess a little treat to the eye will be soon dropping on our feeds and feet.

Fizzy Goblet is the brainchild of Laksheeta Govil. At the young age of 24, she kickstarted this footwear brand as a designer & young entrepreneur in New Delhi, India. Over the years she's worked to add a new-found sense of fun and a modern twist to the traditional juttis, making them just what you need to make your everyday adventures, extra-ordinary.

Her jutis are known for their bright colors and on the precision of the humble juttis functionality.

Image courtesy: fizzygoblet

On the other hand, Rahul Mishra was the first Indian designer to showcase at the Paris Haute Couture Week champions slow fashion with traditional Indian textiles. In a very short span Rahul has attracted the admiration of fashion’s most influential personalities. His eye for  intricate detail is talked about all the way to Paris, is about to be the perfect transition between daily wear to festive wear.

The new capsule collection is designed with neutral bases to offset the vivid colours of Rahul’s signature 3D embroidery. Nature and flora being his constant source of inspiration, the Gulmohar and Gulistan motifs that Rahul has developed through the years will be featured in this collection.

Image courtesy: fizzygoblet

Laksheeta Govil recollects her time spent working with Rahul Mishra and says,"Working with Couturier Rahul Mishra on our second capsule collection has been an absolute pleasure. This time around we got to further explore the synergies of nature together and how our artisans are the mediators that translate nature into accessories."

Both the designers are advocates of Vocal for Local initiative and their designs are a testament to it. Each of these juttis are handcrafted by local artisans and takes about 90 hours per pair.  

The second collection is ready to glam up your feet. Are you ready to step in and kick off the festive season with your favourite jutis?


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