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Body Image by Yasmin Karachiwala is Now Open in Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai

  • 11th May 2023
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Body Image by Yasmin Karachiwala is Now Open in Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai

Yasmin Karachiwala's Body Image is Now Open in Cuffe Parade

Yasmin Karachiwala, a renowned Pilates instructor and author of a best-selling book on Pilates, opened her new studio in Cuffe Parade today. Sohail Khan and Alvira Agnihotri, two longtime acquaintances and Pilates practitioners, attended the launch event.

Yasmin's business associates, Hashim and Tasneem Baldiwala, were also in attendance. South Mumbai residents will be able to profit from Yasmin's unparalleled fitness expertise at the new YKBI centre.

Sohail Khan and Alivira Agnihotri attended the luanch

Yasmin Karachiwala's three-decade-long love affair with fitness - of which two magnificent decades were solely devoted to promoting Pilates - has made her a type of benchmark in her field. She has propelled YKBI to the summit of the pack in the fitness industry by acquiring a long list of certifications and credentials from India and the United States.

Yasmin is widely recognised as the founder of Pilates in India, a fitness discipline that incorporates the ideal proportions of stretch and strength, improves posture, enhances abdominal strength, and increases flexibility and mobility.

Yasmin is the most sought-after trainer in Bollywood, working with Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, and Alia Bhatt, among others. She has 22 years of experience in the fitness industry.Pilates teaches the proper method to breathe.

It aids in the reduction of back pain, tones the body, and promotes speedy recovery from injuries. In addition to being effective for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, athletes and sportspeople, Pilates is also beneficial for expectant women. It is especially advantageous for those with desk jobs, as it aids in the correction of neck, shoulder, forearm, and back discomfort.

Pilates has demonstrated its value by reducing the risk of grievous injury and preventing the aggravation of existing conditions through preventive care.The newly opened YKBI facility in Cuffe Parade, with its elegant and inviting interiors, offers an array of promising equipment, such as Reformers, MOTR, Mats, and Spinal Correctors, as well as a variety of smaller pieces of equipment to complement these larger pieces.

Individual, duet, and group instruction options are available to students. Yasmin has personally trained a team of experts to ensure that the health concerns of clients are effectively addressed. The instructors are specially trained to treat injuries such as joint pain, back pain, and neck pain, and they can also assist their clients with pregnancy-specific fitness programmes. Each instructor at the facility is a certified, internationally renowned Balanced Body Instructor.

In addition to the regular clientele, those suffering from spinal issues or bodily injuries will receive special attention. The institution is supervised by a Floor Manager who has been with YKBI for more than eight years and has received direct training from Yasmin.

So, South Mumbai, come on! With YKBI, it is time to walk the walk of fitness.

  • Days: Monday Saturday
  • Time: 7 am 7.30 pm
  • Address: 8th Floor, Maker Tower F, 152 GD Somani Road, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
  • Call: +91 90823 37814


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