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BMW Brings in an Innovation of Considering iPhone as Fully Digital Car Key

  • 30th Jun 2020
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BMW Brings in an Innovation of Considering iPhone as Fully Digital Car Key

Apple has recently announced their innovative iPhone car key solution and their first marque to introduce this to the world will be BMW.

This ultra-modern innovation was announced at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference last week. This new system will be compatible with iOS 13 and their upcoming iOS 14. This amazing technology will be featured for the very first time in the 2021 BMW 5 series in July. 

The BMW digital key will be in form of a BMW app inside the iPhone. This app will utilize a short-range wireless technology known as NFC or near-field communication. This will allow the driver to simply tap the car with the iPhone. The engine can be started just by putting the phone in the charging tray. 

The game changing feature is that the key can shared among five people via iMessage, while sharing the key the owner can determine whether he will give full access or a restricted driving profile. With the restricted driving profile option, the owner can control the car’s top speed, horsepower, maximum stereo volume and more. This feature is perfect if the owner is letting someone young to take his new 5 series for a spin.

The vehicle is integrated with a special power reserve feature, as per their statement, the key will still function for up to about five hours even if the iPhone becomes dysfunctional due to a low battery. For those who find iPhone key too cumbersome, the key is also compatible with Apple Watch.

A "key"— basically a matching between a phone and a vehicle—is put away in Apple's Wallet application (Apple Pay credit card info and items such as airline boarding passes are kept) and is made sure about by the iPhone's lock screen. That implies Face ID facial acknowledgment and Touch ID unique finger impression examining will be utilized to guarantee no conventional jabroni can escape with iPhone and enter or drive off with the vehicle. (An "Express Mode" empowers the utilization of the telephone as a key without requiring the iPhone to be opened preceding use.) BMW and Apple additionally worked with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to decide and set "global standards" for its computerized key capacity, further limiting advancement mess among different automakers that will most likely need to turn out Apple Car Key-accommodating tech, as well.

Apple is still working on getting this Apple Car Key system to be compatible with more cars. Apple is also working more on the security features. The company is also implementing more secure hardware in order to ensure that the encryption keys that make the phone communicate with the vehicle. It implies that no external person can access the data, not even Tim Cook himself. The digital key can be disabled from the iPhone, even if the phone is stolen, in this case the vehicle can be revoked with the help of iCloud.


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