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Bentley's Entry Into The NFT Market With a Single NFT Drop is Exciting

  • 3rd Jul 2022
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Bentley's Entry Into The NFT Market With a Single NFT Drop is Exciting

Bentley Motors, last week, declared its entry into the NFT market with a one-time NFT drop on the carbon-free Polygon network. This one-of-a-kind creation by Bentley Design, limited to only 208 pieces, will be unveiled in September 2022 after its release. 208 is a significant number for the luxury automobile manufacturer, since it represents the highest speed of its fastest Grand Tourer (the Continental GT Speed) and the total number of R-Type Continentals produced in 1952.

The genesis Bentley NFT will allow holders with special access and benefits. This first release is anticipated to initiate a long-term strategy to increase and improve Bentley ownership in the Web3 ecosystem. The Bentley collection will be issued on Polygon, a scaling platform for Ethereum that onboards millions of users to Web3. Polygon has just achieved carbon neutrality and is committed to become carbon negative by 2022's conclusion. Each and every Bentley NFT will be carbon-neutral.

Bentley's NFT release will be a crucial first step in Web3 area. The automaker will investigate other digital platforms, such as NFCs (non-fungible chips), online gaming, Metaverse apps, and the organization-wide use of blockchain technology. Soon-to-be-announced special community opportunities, awards, and utilities will be made available to Bentley NFT owners.

Bentley will assist students interested in engineering, design, and manufacturing using revenues from the sale. Bentley also intends to assist groups trying to advance environmental initiatives, particularly in the transportation industry.

Customers of Bentley spend their lives online, buy luxury products with digital money, and form enterprises in the Metaverse. We've always engaged consumers where they pursue their interests, and now that includes being active on digital markets and providing NFT assets. We've seen how NFTs have increased the visibility of both art and artists, and we feel the same can be achieved in the luxury automobile industry. — Alain Favey, Board Member for Marketing and Sales

"Polygon is thrilled to extend its automotive industry connections by collaborating with the industry's most recognised brand. Polygon will give Bentley with the dependable, low-cost Web3 infrastructure it wants. By adopting this innovative technology, Bentley ensures its place in the future generation of the internet, and doing so through Polygon's carbon-neutral network will aid the automaker's quest toward carbon neutrality by 2030." Ryan Wyatt, chief executive officer of Polygon Studios.



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