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Bennet & Bernard Unveil Mauritian Styled CASA CREOLE, Ultra Luxury Homes in Goa

  • 11th Jun 2022
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Bennet & Bernard Unveil Mauritian Styled CASA CREOLE, Ultra Luxury Homes in Goa

There is no doubt that CASA CREOLE , an ultra-luxury development in Goa matches worldwide luxury living standards.

With luxury real estate in Goa becoming a super hot segment in the past decade and especially so in the last few years, there are many luxury real estate developers who have developed some great luxury residences in Goa.

Very recently, Bennet & Bernard, a diverse corporation with a main commercial interest in eco-luxury real estate, hospitality, and cuisine, has announced the opening of an ultra-luxury vacation house project, Casa Creole, which brings the finest of Mauritian architecture to the beaches of Goa. The project, a first-of-its-kind in India, is carefully woven into the gorgeous background of Moira, combining the locale with architectural splendour.

This Mauritian Hacienda is a gated community with just six 3.5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom homes, each with its own pool and landscape garden. It is another another gem in Bennet & Bernard's collection and embodies the finest of tropical culture.

Casa Creole is a super-luxurious piece of art and one of the most profound creative retreats of its type. The project is dependent on designs and architecture influenced by the sounds, scents, sights, and perceptions of lands and nature. The project, which is based on the concept of sustainability, also includes many other features that make for impeccable living, such as smart designs for air ventilation for natural cooling, LED lighting, a clay or cement tiled roof in the classic Portuguese style, high-grade exterior metal paint, a video door telephone system, a handcrafted teak main door, and decorative lighting in the veranda.

Casa Creole also features a magnificent facade with vaulted ceilings and steeply sloping roofing that can withstand Goa's climate. The centre fountain is a combination of beauty and elegance that encompasses every aspect of the residence. Bennet and Bernard has also partnered with a Mauritius-based interior design business with more than two decades of industry expertise on this luxury project.

Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Chairman and Founder of Bennet and Bernard, commented on the project, stating, "Showcasing unprecedented levels of tranquilly and splendour, Casa Creole is our latest, uniquely luxurious, state-of-the-art project for a niche community of like-minded individuals who accept nothing less than the extraordinary. Every detail of Casa Creole radiates luxurious elegance. Our hotels always adhere to the greatest standards and provide an immersive experience for the body and mind. Casa Creole is ready to break new ground in premium homes."

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of Bennet and Bernard, announced the debut by stating, "Bennet and Bernard Custom Homes provide the ideal blend of exclusivity, elegance, and solitude without compromise. Residents of Casa Creole will have the unique chance to create an amazing fashion statement. We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to presenting innovative ideas, and we will continue to provide disruptive innovations in vacation homes. And the amazing customer list is evidence of the vow to provide only the finest. "At Bennet and Bernard, we will continue to be flexible and attentive to the demands of our consumers and provide a rewarding living experience."

This RERA-compliant project will be completed by December 2024 and will cost INR 4.75 cr and above.

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes is Goa's premier luxury developer, creating outstanding luxury villas and apartments in Goa. Over the last decade, the business has produced several exquisite residences in Goa that are well regarded for their originality, design, exceptional construction quality, and high aesthetic standards. Each Bennet & Bernard luxury residence has a tale of its own. The villas are a paradise among the natural flora of Goa, allowing residents to relax and reconnect with nature in the lap of luxury. Bennet and Bernard's particular architectural imprint on real estate has increased the value of every Goan address they have touched.

Regarding Bennet and Bernard Group:

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt. Ltd. is Goa's most rapidly expanding and likely youngest vision-driven real estate developer. As an industry leader in eco-luxury real estate and hospitality, our mission is to deliver world-class services to Goa while keeping the local ecosystem in mind.


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