Belgian Luxury Handbag Brand KAAI - The Ultimate Combination of Practicality, Luxury, and Functionality

  • 7th Apr 2022
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Belgian Luxury Handbag Brand KAAI - The Ultimate Combination of Practicality, Luxury, and Functionality

KAAI is pouring new life into vintage leather purses and backpacks.

KAAI, Preserving Belgium's Legacy

KAAI, a luxury brand synonymous with uncompromising quality, was founded in the Belgian port city of Antwerp with the sole purpose of creating functionally exquisite bags for the contemporary lady on the move. They bring to reality the ultimate handbag, allowing you to carry everything in one bag in an ordered manner. Their sophisticated and flexible handbags are a testament to your multifaceted existence, in which you juggle several jobs while remaining confident in each. KAAI embodies the ideal of pragmatism combined with elegance and usefulness. They provide a new dimension to traditional leather purses and backpacks.

Expanding the Notions of Simplicity and Luxury

High durability and an elegant design are only a few of KAAI's well-known characteristics. They value simplicity, which is why their handbags have clean lines and minimum decoration. They seek to combine adaptability and practicality in one handbag by drawing inspiration from your on-the-go lifestyle. Their designs include strategically positioned sections to assist you in efficiently organising the correct item in its rightful location. Luxury is evident on both the outside and inside of KAAI luxury handbags. The interiors are upholstered with a distinctive 'blue' velvet suede, while the exteriors are finished in high-quality Italian leather. That is the essence of KAAI, a brand founded on the pillars of quality, femininity, functionality, and adaptability.

Globally Celebrating Femininity and Sustainability

KAAI is committed to mindful workmanship, as well as sustainable manufacturing and distribution. Their items stay a long time in your wardrobe due to their ethical production technique, which utilises materials supplied responsibly. As a woman-empowering company, their goods assist you in remaining organised while on the go and in taking the lead in a cutthroat competitive environment. Apart from being a very efficient and adaptable travel companion, their handbags also give a touch of elegance to your look with their sophisticated design. These are only a few of the reasons why KAAI items may be seen hanging at a woman's side, holding all her essentials.


The beginning

Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersmans launched KAAI in 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium, with the goal of reimagining the ideal work-life bag for the diverse lady with impeccable style standards.

Previously, the couple spent a great deal of time travelling the globe. They spent their business careers rushing from one meeting to the next. Their primary companions are a laptop computer, a cell phone, a large amount of paperwork, and women's needs, all of which are jammed into their purses.

They thought they could do better. They were desperate for a beautiful bag to fit their busy lives. Thus, they had a firm grasp (pun intended) on their objective: developing a novel bag design for ladies on the move.

KAAI (meaning 'the quay' in Dutch) embodies the city's continuing activity and the city's ever-moving water. It represents the fluidity of contemporary women of action.

Created by women for women

We draw inspiration from successful contemporary women's lives and goals.

Through in-depth interviews with active women, we determined that women are:

Annoyed by the disarray in their stylish but sometimes unnecessary purses, bored with their workbags' manly appearance.

By producing bags that are both utilitarian and stylish, feminine and courageous, KAAI affects change.

We encourage women to pursue their dreams. On their terms — without making concessions.

Simplicity combined with Sophistication

Taking inspiration from Art Deco's vibrant colours and clean geometric lines, we reimagine the era's timeless charm into marvellously contemporary, minimalist purses with eternal appeal.

We create pieces that are both current and absolutely desirable for a range of events. From casual to elegant, from day to night, there is something for everyone. 

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