Bang & Olufsen Introduces The Reinterpreted 'Art of The A9' to Commemorate Beoplay A9 Speaker's Tenth Anniversary

  • 24th Oct 2022
  • 2022
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Bang & Olufsen Introduces The Reinterpreted 'Art of The A9' to Commemorate Beoplay A9 Speaker's Tenth Anniversary

Bang & Olufsen and Oivind Alexander Slaatto created the timeless classic Beoplay A9 ten years ago. Even a decade later, it remains one of the company's most popular offerings. This demonstrates not just the legendary status of the Beoplay A9, but also the emotional resilience of Bang & Olufsen's goods.

Bang & Olufsen has commissioned a series of designs from top creatives in the realms of art, design, and music to customise the canvas cover of the Beoplay A9 in their own unique style to produce a collection of very limited-edition cover artworks.

Alexis Jamet and Manon Cezarek are the visual artists responsible for developing some of the first Art of the A9 covers. Alexis Jamet, a graphic designer and visual artist based in Paris, draws inspiration for his abstract digital forms from the forms of nature, often employing digital airbrush tools to achieve intriguing effects while probing the line between figurative and abstract.

He developed a unique piece of artwork for the Art of the A9 project that was inspired by the speaker itself. Jamet states, "I wanted to experiment with the musical lexicon by employing symbols and reinterpreting them using the codes with which I operate, presenting them as an abstract landscape."

Manon Cezaro, a Paris-based multidisciplinary artist, blends photography, painting, and sculpture to create digital pictures inspired by nature. She says, "I take a lot of images of what I see around me, especially flowers and landscapes, but then I utilise them as inspiration to create new shapes in my drawings."

For her Art of the A9 design, Cezaro used a novel process using the scanning of 3D plaster forms to generate fresh digital pictures. The A9 design by Cezaro was designed in collaboration with Alexis Jamet. "It's a continuation of what we normally do, and our styles often converge even when we're not working on the same picture," explains Cezaro.

Pricing & availability

Beginning in October 2022, Art of the A9 limited edition covers (MSRP 500 EUR) will be available in select Bang & Olufsen shops and online.

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