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Azimut Yachts is All Set to Breathe The Air of NASA

  • 22nd Jun 2020
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Azimut Yachts is All Set to Breathe The Air of NASA

Italian yacht manufacturing company, Azimut Yachts is always in the hunt for identifying and adapting to the latest technologies available in the world. The main goal of the Viareggio, Italy based yacht manufacturing company is to offer its owners the best quality of materials ensuring best of comfort and safety on board. The company was established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli, who is also the current CEO and President of the company. Azimut Yachts is owned by the Azimut|Benetti Group.

The Italian yacht manufacturing company did not fail to amaze the yacht lovers even during this pandemic situation. They created a virtual lounge to host its e-boat shows, which took place from 27 to 30 May. Here the Azimut Yachts sales and project managers were available for live chat and one-to-one meetings with the customers and attendees.

Once again during this crisis, Azimut continued to amaze its customers and yacht enthusiasts. On many of its newly built yachts are set to adopt a new innovative technology called MMVS i.e. Marine Mechanical Ventilation System. It is based on a technology patented by NASA, which was originally developed by them to renew and sanitize the air on board while on an aerospace mission.

Magallano 25 Metri will be the first yacht to be equipped with MMVS and it will be presented in September at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The MMVS system is made by Italy-based company BCool Engineering. They specialize in producing and marketing of technology-based products for thermal comfort and on-board energy. MMVS is a centralized system that is divided on two decks and it guarantees complete air exchange in every room on hourly basis.

This air purification process will ensure that the air inside the air will not only remain constantly at a chosen temperature, but also its purification process will be a constant phenomenon. This process will sanitize the entire air conditioning channels, surfaces, and other technical elements such as the fan coil.

This now innovation in the yachting industry is the need of the hour due to the present pandemic situation where rider’s safety is the priority for every company and in this context Azimut has brought in a new revolution. Now every guest on-board will breathe in fresh and sanitized air, at the same time maintaining a chosen temperature.

The basis of the MMVS system is Photocatalytic Oxidization (PCO) technology. This helps in imitation and reproduction of what is occurring in nature by utilizing the combined action of the rays emitted by a special UV lamp with the structure of a catalyst. This technology does not affect the power consumption of the boat.

This a technology that is patented by NASA, to offer their owners pure air on-board. Azimut believes in the fact that the quality of air we breathe in has a substantial impact on our quality of life. They have realized that is it is not only about the pollutants of the external atmospheric air, but also the indoor pollution that is negatively impacting our health. Azimut has embraced this new revolution in perfect harmony with the present times, where customers are embracing a new healthy lifestyle.


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