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At The Launch Of Beyond by Zoya The Elegant Gauri Khan Shares Her Thoughts With Suhas Kataria of Luxury Abode

  • 19th Sep 2022
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At The Launch Of Beyond by Zoya The Elegant Gauri Khan Shares Her Thoughts With Suhas Kataria of Luxury Abode

September 19, 2022

Today, on the occasion of the launch of Beyond by Zoya, Suhas Kataria of Luxury Abode had the amazing opportunity to interview the elegant Gauri Khan.


Beyond - A boundless journey, the newest release by Zoya, looks to be a celebration of freedom, discovery, and evolution. Could you kindly describe your own journey?
Zoya's Beyond is a beautiful collection where the design inspiration compares the passage of the mighty Indus river to the course of a woman's life. In my experience life is like that - sometimes it is turbulent, sometimes it is smooth. You have to find your pace in the moment and go with the flow.
How important do you think it is for luxury brands to tell a story through their products?
Storytelling is very important for luxury brands. Now, more than ever, people want to associate with meaningful brands. In Zoya, each product has a story to tell, one that celebrates the journey of a woman through her life. It's an idea that most women will relate to.
What do you think is the significance of jewellery in a woman’s life?
Wearing jewellery is like a positive affirmation, it's a sign that you are feeling great about yourself, and want to add that extra sparkle to your look. Jewellery is a way to celebrate yourself... celebrate who you are and how far you've come in your life.
What excites you most about having partnered with Zoya for this collection?
My association with Zoya goes back several years. I've launched 3 collections for them. What I love most about Zoya is their strong design aesthetic and commitment to creating a very finely crafted product. It's a homegrown brand that could be India's answer to the West when it comes to luxury.
Tell us a bit about the pieces in this collection.
Zoya has outdone itself with Beyond. The pieces are magnificent, and the use of stones is exceptional. I love emeralds - to me they are a symbol of hope and renewal and there are lots of large emeralds in this collection! 
How excited are you for the launch today?
Well, I am certainly looking forward to it!
What are your favourite, go-to pieces of jewelry?
I don't have any one favourite piece, but I like contemporary pieces that are minimalistic in design. 
What do you think makes jewelry luxury?
Crafting, design, storytelling.. all of it has to come together to evolve into something that is not ordinary 
How does this collection resonate with your beliefs and your style? Which one is your favourite piece?
It's a collection with an Indian soul and a very global appeal which I like. I really liked a ring in the collection.. that's called Sparkling Rapids I think, because it is inspired by the glistening of the cascading water. The colours, crafting and style are all breathtaking. 
The magnificent diamond store from the House of Tata, Zoya, takes great pleasure in its position as the country's most design-forward atelier. With each passing season, Zoya strives to attain the pinnacle of artistic achievement with uncommon items for the discriminating connoisseur. With its newest collection, Beyond—A Boundless Journey, Zoya showcases its most refined design expression for the current season. This stunning collection reflects the spirit of a woman's journey through life, drawing inspiration from the splendour of the Indus. The tale emphasises the feminine spirit as a natural force, using the flow of rivers as an example. Her continual, larger-than-life journey through origin, conflict, turmoil, and tranquilly is portrayed by the array of outstanding diamonds. Purity of form and geometric lines set apart statement pieces to create an imperial appearance with an excellent mix of stones for a modern selection of timeless classics.

The Story

Gauri Khan, a renowned fashion designer, unveiled Beyond today. She was accompanied by Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan's Jewelry Division, and Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Head of Business for Zoya.

Ajoy Chawla said on the occasion, "Beyond — A Boundless Journey is Zoya's most awaited release. With an eye on the globe, Zoya has a spirit rooted in India and its culture. The magnificent story of the Indus is both real and soul-stirring, so we thought, who better than Zoya to express this inspiration with exceptional skill and without sacrificing modernism or style? Zoya's maintains its long legacy of delivering distinctive feminine tales. This collection is a labour of love, and we hope that the enchantment of its timeless tale will captivate viewers as much as the wonderful workmanship of each item.

The ethereal play Zoya's Beyond - A Boundless Journey is a celebration of emeralds and morganites. Mighty glaciers, flowing waterfalls, infinite ripples, and a tranquil stream are all shown in this collection, which portrays the energetic essence of the water's movement. On the surface of the rivers, light delicately reflects colours of champagne, rich tones of green, dazzling whites, melancholy blues, and blush pinks. The intricacy of the design of 'A Flush of Evergreen,' fashioned from tourmalines, emeralds, pear and round diamonds set in rose gold, poses a greater difficulty. This one-of-a-kind work of art evokes the power of a river that overcomes barriers in its course and leaves behind a source of nourishment. "Myriad" exemplifies the determined movement of the river among the stalagmites.

The mesh-styled Framed Perspectives consists of round blue sapphires, emeralds, and baguette-cut diamonds. "Sparkling Rapids" is a statement ring with a tear-drop emerald, dazzling pink morganite, and baguette diamonds that captures the ferocity of the river. In 'Emerald Riversong,' Zoya celebrates emeralds in all their splendour. Beyond explores a diverse variety of emotions with its clean forms and adaptability.

Gauri Khan says, "Zoya's jewellery has always struck me with its timeless but modern design. With Beyond - A Boundless Journey, the atelier provides a spectacular collection with works of art worthy of a connoisseur's collection and a story that will captivate every heart."

Beyond emanates subtle authority with elegance.


The magnificent diamond shop Zoya from the House of Tata is a premium brand of fine jewellery famous for its exceptional workmanship and unique design. Zoya is currently in its fourteenth year of business, during which it has developed significant works of wearable art for the discriminating, aesthetically savvy lady as its inspiration. The five boutiques and galleries of Zoya in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, as well as in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Chandigarh, exhibit luxury in its purest form. For its distinctive goods, Zoya's customised service focuses on giving an unsurpassed purchase experience of warm luxury. Zoya now offers video-assisted jewellery consultation, home trials, contactless shipping, and interactive e-catalogs. For more information, please visit


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