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ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair Reveals Expansion of Participating Galleries and New Venue for October 2022 Event

  • 21st Sep 2022
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ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair Reveals Expansion of Participating Galleries and New Venue for October 2022 Event

ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair

A 16th-century castle will play host to an art expo devoted to the work of Asian artists from the continent and the diaspora. Seventy galleries and over two hundred artists will participate in the art expo dedicated to Asian and diasporic artists.

The Paris Asia Art Fair will be held in the historic Monnaie de Paris for the first time ever. Located near Louve on the left bank of the Seine, the 16th-century castle with outdoor gardens will be filled with installation exhibits, open-air projects, and performances, such as the one by Japanese artist Natsuko Uchin that merges art, ecology, and architecture. The ASIA NOW art fair will run from October 20th to October 23rd, 2022.


This year's subject, "Feux de joie" (Flames of Joy), combines the arts of fire, shown by coinage and metallurgy, with the art of ceramics, which is also composed of earth and fire. The primary objective of this edition is to foster a feeling of community via a shared creative experience.

Alexandra Fain, Founding Director of ASIA NOW, has entrusted Kathy Alliou, Director of the Artwork Department at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, with the artistic supervision of this issue.

ASIA NOW continues its examination of the different art scenes of West Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Subcontinent, and the Asia-Pacific area across more than forty nations. This boundary corresponds to the Asia Society's concept. It is anticipated that more than seventy international galleries would take over the whole site in order to showcase a selection of the finest emerging and established artists from these countries and their diaspora.



EXHIBITORS at ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair 2022 

+2 Gallery Presented by Dastan | Tehran

2GIL29 GALLERY | Seoul

10 Chancery Lane | Hong Kong

313 ART PROJECT | Seoul | Paris

A2Z Art GALLERY | Paris  

AB-ANBAR Gallery | London | Tehran 

AIFA | Verbier | Tokyo

Aktis Gallery | London | Paris

Alisan Fine Arts | Hong Kong

Almine Rech Gallery | Paris | Brussels | London | New York | Shanghai  

Arndt Art Agency A3 | Berlin | London | Melbourne

Artemis Art | Online | Malaysia

BANK | Shanghai 

Bavan Gallery | Tehran 

Galerie Bessières | Chatou  

Sahar K. Boluki Gallery | Toronto 

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger | Paris | Lisbon 

Anne-Laure Buffard Inc. | Paris 

Chi-Wen Gallery | Taipei 

CHOI&CHOI | Seoul | Cologne

CMS Collection | Paris

Cuturi Gallery | Singapore | London 

DANYSZ | Paris | Shanghai | London 

de Sarthe | Hong Kong

Dumonteil Contemporary | Paris | Shanghai

galerie frank elbaz | Paris  

Etemad Gallery | Tehran 

Michael Fuchs Galerie | Berlin 

Galerie 208 | Paris  

Gether Contemporary | Copenhagen

Mark Hachem | New York | Paris | Beirut 

Hafez Gallery | Jeddah 

Hatch Art Project | Singapore 

HdM Gallery | Beijing | London 

Intersections Gallery | Singapore

In Situ-Fabienne Leclerc | Paris 

Galerie Michael Janssen | Berlin 

Gallery Kabinett | Seoul  

Lee-Bauwens Gallery | Brussels

Eve Leibe Gallery | London

Galerie Françoise Livinec | Paris


Galerie LJ | Paris 

Loeve&Co / Hervé Loevenbruck et Stéphane Corréard | Paris 

Lorin Gallery | Los Angeles 

Louis & Sack | Paris

Galerie Marguo | Paris

Migrant Bird Space | Beijing | Berlin

Galerie Mitterrand | Paris 

Modesti Perdriolle Gallery | Brussels

O Gallery | Tehran 

Ora-Ora | Hong Kong

Over The Influence | Hong Kong | Los Angeles | Bangkok | Paris

P21 | Seoul

Paris-B | Paris

PERROTIN | Paris | Hong Kong | New York | Seoul | Tokyo | Shanghai | Dubai

print bakery | Seoul   

Praz – Delavallade | Paris | Los Angeles

Pygmalion art gallery | Kazakhstan

quand les fleurs nous sauvent | Paris

Red Zone Arts | Frankfurt 

Richard Saltoun Gallery | London | Rome

Rivoli Fine Art | Paris 

Roya Khadjavi Projects | New York 

RX & SLAG | Paris | New York 

SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) | Tehran | Mahshahr | London

Sato Gallery | Paris | Tokyo 

Sokyo Lisbon Gallery | Tokyo | Kyoto | Lisbon 

Galerie Taménaga | Tokyo | Paris | Osaka | Kyoto

The Columns Gallery | Seoul | Singapore

The Guild Art Gallery | Mumbai

VINYL ON VINYL | Makati City 

Karin Weber Gallery | Hong Kong

Yavuz Gallery | Singapore | Sydney

Yeo Workshop | Singapore 

ZETO ART | Paris


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