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Arpita Mehta's All Season Luxury Wear Collection is A Magnificent Celebration of the 'Less is More' Philosophy

  • 7th May 2022
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Arpita Mehta's All Season Luxury Wear Collection is A Magnificent Celebration of the 'Less is More' Philosophy

When Less is More There is So Much to Explore

AM By Arpita Mehta

All-Season Luxury Wear
Watching the weather changeColours around us brighten and fadeAs summer turns into winter, and monsoon washes away springEmotions flowing, experiences blooming, memories explodingThrough all of these moving moments, what a beautiful thing it is to be an all-season constant, don’t you think? 

Welcome to AM by Arpita Mehta Luxury that you can wear anytime, anywhere, and through the seasons

Arpita Mehta unveils an all-season, ready-to-wear collection of premium pieces and sets that will infuse your closets with excitement.

They believe that minor actions are equally as significant as large ones, and often even more so. This is the philosophy behind AM by Arpita Mehta, a range of ready-to-wear kaftans, capes, kite pants, and bralettes designed for year-round versatility across seasons, events, celebrations, and emotions. With the philosophy of 'less is more' guiding the design, each item is anchored in what the brand has always stood for: luxury, superb workmanship, and all those lovely small touches.

"We Indians have always been attracted to a maximal aesthetic. While our wedding and fusion lines have more embroidery, we wanted to offer this collection a different personality."
Arpita states,
"Therefore, we eliminated any excesses while maintaining the same quality, honesty, and elegance as with all of our apparel."

The brand's heritage has always included ready-to-wear, which has also long been a fan favourite. This time, though, Arpita launches it in a whole new market area dubbed "all-season luxury clothing."

You may anticipate a plethora of gorgeous variants, unusual designs and styles, distinctive shapes, and increased quantities of all of the above to satisfy a growing demand for easy-to-wear, fashionable clothes.

"People are increasingly seeking occasions, reasons, and excuses to dress up. No longer are just formal gatherings associated with the wearing of stylish attire. And as everyone becomes more fashion and environmentally aware, we must embrace the urge to reuse and recycle apparel into our goal and philosophies. We wish to provide shapes that are suitable for both summer and winter and can be worn day or night, on a shopping spree, on a Maldives vacation, to a beach party, or on a night out in the city. Women want luxury in addition to sturdiness, as well as things that encourage comfort and allow for creative flexibility. We want to provide them with all of that and more,"
adds the designer, who is already generating buzz.

The inaugural issue of AM by Arpita Mehta is inspired by festivity, but in a style that would appeal to those with an eye for diverse fashion in a way that is uniquely global. The clothing are light, whimsical, and have a butterfly-light touch; they are the stuff of fantasies when it comes to dressing up or down. The collection will include distinctive modern patterns such as rug, brick, and marble; warmer hues such as brick, mustard yellow, teal, white, and black; and adaptable, free-flowing shapes.

In keeping with the brand's ideal, Arpita's wedding, fusion, and luxury ready-to-wear collections must all use the same quality and processes, with no exceptions. Therefore, silk crepe and georgette, textiles linked with the brand since its inception, continue to thrive here. In addition to its signature use of mirrors and shells, the company has also experimented with coral beads, a novel addition to its signature embellishments.

The inspiration for this collection spanned the four seasons was every lady in Arpita's family, from her mother to her masi, her grandmother to her sister.

"I pictured them all wearing these kaftans and capes, and that's what I want to give my customers: something for every lady, from her twenties to her sixties."

AM by Arpita Mehta embodies a certain joie de vivre and reflects the inherent dichotomy of what women desire: to feel comfortable while yet looking attractive. 

Arpita explains,
"Our objective was to make looking fantastic easy and to provide opportunity for the user to utilise their creativity and make the clothing their own."

Simply said, the outfits in AM by Arpita Mehta are the antidote to 'one-time glory' items, since they are made to match a variety of dress standards, from a summer mehendi festival to a rainy Ganesh puja at home.

"We must accommodate our modern lives. Currently, even brides are dialling it back. As a wedding ensemble, I want my clients to be able to wear a garment that is luxurious, lightweight, and a true Arpita Mehta masterpiece. I want to make the clothes relevant in such a manner that it can be effortlessly integrated into regular wardrobes, so that no one is restricted to wearing Arpita Mehta pieces solely during weddings and festivals. I would want to see AM by Arpita Mehta at holidays, brunches, pujas, dinner parties, mehendi ceremonies, housewarmings, and any other kind of event, no matter how large or small. I also want to make it inexpensive so that everyone has a chance to acquire an Arpita Mehta dress,"
says the designer.

With this in mind, the collection is priced between INR 11,000/- and INR 44,000/- and is available on the brand's website, flagship store, off-the-rack, and via special order.

Please view the collection at -


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