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All About The Golden Jubilee Diamond - World's Largest Cut & Faceted Diamond

  • 19th Feb 2022
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All About The Golden Jubilee Diamond - World's Largest Cut & Faceted Diamond

An Introduction to The Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is the world's largest cut and faceted diamond, weighing 109.13 grammes. It outweighs the Cullinan I diamond by a stunning 15.37 carats at 545.67 carats. While the diamond seems to be golden to orange in hue in many photographs, it has been classed as a fancy yellow-brown diamond. Prior to its cutting, it was regarded a very unsightly stone; even its name, "Unnamed Brown Diamond," was unappealing. It was converted into a diamond unlike any other when it was given its one-of-a-kind fire rose cushion cut.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond's History

While many of the world's largest diamonds have a lengthy history, the Golden Jubilee Diamond's is rather brief. This stone, discovered in 1985, is relatively new to the world, having only had a few owners. 

Given the size of the Golden Jubilee diamond, it's unsurprising that it originated from the Premier Mine, which also produced the Cullinan and Taylor-Burton diamonds.

Fire-Rose cushion form - Master Cutter Gabi Tolkowsky

Due of the inclusions and deep fissures in the uncut stone, it was cut in a specially built subterranean room free of vibrations that may disrupt the cutting process. The diamond was cut over a two-year period by renowned cutter Gabi Tolkowsky. The stone weighed 545.65 carats when it was finished in 1990, making it the world's biggest faceted diamond.

Tolkowsky characterised the final cut of the diamond as having a "Fire-Rose cushion form."After the diamond was cut, De Beers loaned it to the Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association, who displayed it. At one time, the queue of people wanting to see the diamond stretched more than a mile.

The Unnamed Brown gets a Name

The cut diamond was acquired in 1995 by a group of Thai businesspeople as a gift to commemorate Monarch Bhumibol's 50th year as king - on the occassion of his Golden Jubilee. He renamed it "The Golden Jubilee Diamond" from "Unnamed Brown."  It was subsequently transported to the Vatican in Rome, where Pope John Paul II bestowed a Papal Blessing on it. Following that, it was blessed by Thailand's Supreme Imam and Supreme Buddhist Patriarch. 

Where is the Golden Jubilee Diamond today?

Initially, the huge diamond was to be mounted in the King's regal sceptre. Later, a proposal was made to include it into Thailand's royal seal.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is still on display at the Royal Thai Palace as part of the Crown Jewels. It has previously been shown in Switzerland and the United States, as well as in Henry Ho's magnificent 59-story Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok. Due to the size and significance of the Golden Jubilee diamond, it is constantly closely guarded.

What could be the value of the Golden Jubilee diamond? 

Diamond valuers peg the estimated price of the Golden Jubilee diamond between USD 4 million and USD 12 million dollars in the United States. If sold at an auction, this stone is expected to earn a much greater price. After all, it is one-of-a-kind, and it continues to be the world's biggest cut and polished diamond.


  • Name: The Golden Jubilee Diamond

  • Initial Name: Unnamed Brown Diamond

  • Price Estimation: USD 4-12 Million USD

  • Weight: 545.67 carats (109.134 g)

  • Color: Fancy Yellow-Brown

  • Cut: Fire Rose Cushion cut

  • Cut by: Gabriel Tolkowsky

  • Owner: King of Thailand


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