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A Sister Act By Vandals

  • 10th Nov 2020
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A Sister Act By Vandals

Vandals have been at the front of all the retail practices in the world of jewellery. It launched its first-ever retail store in India for lab-grown diamonds. It has received a new outlook and a change in the perspective of how fine jewellery can look with the help of lab-grown diamonds. Vandals believe in human ingenuity and have maintained it at the crux of their brand values

Now, Vandals is set to take on the world on a beautiful journey of how jewellery design could be. Being a pioneer of the precious diamonds, they are going to surprise their audience with their new collection, which is a wonder of aesthetics and shows boundless creativity.



Their inspiration revolved around how a child plays with nature and bonds along. This has been translated into the art of jewellery making. Each piece will evoke nostalgic memories and will be taken in different ways by each one. The designers have managed to capture various parts of this, right from playing in a full bloom to the serpents slowly slithering in the lowly grasses to the pink evening sky and endless horizon. Besides the diamonds, they have also made use of emeralds, rubies and sapphires to accentuate the diamonds in these artful pieces.



Vandana has managed to maintain this two-generation old brand and successfully so. The family bond and art run in the DNA. This collection focuses on the unfathomable bond and love between kins and the pivotal role it has been to serve as an inspiration to her.



Sister duos like Malvika Raaj and Sonakshi Raaj Merani, Tanisha Rahimtoola Agarwal and Tasheen Rahimtoola, Agrima Batra and Ridhiema Batra Goenka, Snehal Babani and Jyoti Babani play muses for the new collection. These duos have made their path to success and exhibit independent family teams who have paved a way of their own and imparted unlimited support to each other in the process.



Vandana commented that her love for nature and childhood memories have served as a constant inspiration through this nostalgic journey. Each piece in her collection signifies the mirth and freedom that a child has. The sister duos chosen by them mirror the brand’s progressive thought and aesthetic.


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