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A Journey Through Luxury Real Estate in Naples, Italy

  • 25th Jun 2020
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A Journey Through Luxury Real Estate in Naples, Italy

If Rome is the heart of Italy, Naples is the soul.”

Two hours south of Rome, Naples is the third largest city in Italy and is widely popular for its ancient charm, historic monuments, thrilling locations and the most beautiful coastal view. It is known to be one of the oldest inhabitations in the world, since The Greeks colonized the area in the second millennium BC. Apart from being culturally and historically rich, Naples is also where the modern Pizza originated from. It is known for its authentic Italian cuisine and has the highest number of restaurants rewarded with a Michelin star in Italy.

Naples is packed with some incredible tourist experiences but is most renowned for the Mount Vesuvius, located at the Gulf of Naples, which is the closest active volcano in the proximity, the National Archaeological museum, the picturesque Amalfi coast and the infamous Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins.

Life in Naples

Naples is surrounded by popular tourist destinations like Milan and Rome, that are usually the preferred tourist choice and hence gathers a large number of visits every year. However, Naples offers a rather fulfilling and distinctive experience that allows one to completely immerse themselves into understanding the Italian culture. The locals, also known as ‘Neapolitans’, are warm, friendly and extremely welcoming towards the steady inflow of tourists round the year.

Architecture, History and Food are a big part of the Italian culture and play a very important role in the wellbeing of every Neapolitan too. They are authentic and generous people with a huge passion for high end brands. From clothes and shoes to cars, there is a massive market for big brands ranging from Valentino and Dior to Gucci and Prada. One of the most popular areas to find luxury brands in Naples is Chiaia, where one can find everything from independent luxury stores to charming antique shops and bookstores. It is one of the most widely visited market areas in Naples, by locals and tourists.

Even luxury real estate in Naples has grown on a big scale, with people from all around the world investing in apartments, properties and villas, where some are also building their own luxury homes in Naples.

Here is a compiled list of the most sought after and expensive luxury properties in Naples, Italy:

Luxury Villas

Lo Smeraldo

Located in one of the most beautiful locations, this 7 room holiday villa in Naples is known for its exotic location and luxurious interiors. The two-storey historic villa has a direct view of the Faraglioni rock formations and has joint access to the garage from the ground floor. It was created as a result of a split building, back in 1940 and has since been turned into a cluster of small condominiums with multiple luxury villas. It has been built across an area of over 1000 square meters, with an 800 square meter external garden area, pool, solarium, multiple large hallways, a front patio and a massive outdoor area equipped with seating arrangements and a pergola.

Features: 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, four bathrooms, laundry room, an office space, dressing rooms.

Price for Sale: Euro 16,000,000

Villa Posillipo

This luxury town house is one of the most exquisite properties in the Posillipo real estate market, located just a few meters from the sea. Also described as the property between the sea and sky, it is surrounded by dense greenery of Naples on one side and a view of the Northern Amalfi Coast on the other. The interiors of the villa has a very modern yet rustic old world charm, in tandem with historic Italian architecture and décor. It is spread across 8611 square feet and extended over three floors, with a panoramic balcony, huge outdoor terrace and a garden with an inbuilt Jacuzzi and a quadruple parking space.

Rooms: 12 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 stairways, 3 balconies

Price for Sale: Euro 65, 00,000

Villa La Pagoda

This is a seaside luxury town house built by the coast of Naples, in the heart of Posillipo with an exotic view of the ocean. The house is in the unique shape of a lighthouse and was originally designed to be a hunting house for migratory birds, between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, which was eventually developed and transformed into a magnificent living space. Spread across 2368 square feet and three floors, this sea-side villa is surrounded by outdoor terraces on all sides and also offers private access to the sea through Roman ancient caves that leads to a natural pool. It also has a direct route by boat from the Port of Naples, which allows one to reach the villa without having to cross the city. The large balconies give a clear view of the Capri islands and Mount Vesuvius. Each room of the house is connected to an outdoor dining area and a terrace, with the most beautiful view of the sea. With its classic interiors and stunning view, this makes for the most perfectly relaxing luxury holiday home in Naples.

Highlights: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, outdoor dining space, panoramic terraces, five ogival windows, outdoor garden space, study room, elevator.

Villa Viale

If you are looking for a luxury villa for sale in Naples that is in close proximity to the city but still away from the hustle-bustle of it, Villa Viale is the one. Located in Marechiaro, this luxury home was built to impress. With its high end modern interiors and contemporary ancient charm, it has been designed to bring together the best of both worlds. It offers a private driveway, huge outdoor space, a panoramic terrace and well equipped basement. Overlooking the sea and city, this luxury home is spread across three floors and 9300 square feet.

Highlights: 12 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 extra rooms, kitchen, 4 parking spaces, private tree-lined garden, terrace and basement.

Price for Sale: Euro 3,750,000

Luxury Apartments

Via Del Rione Sirignano

One of the most exquisite luxury apartments in Naples, it was built with a 360 degree view of the city, the sea, lush green mountains and a large penthouse to overlook it all. The house is spread across 4300 square feet and along 5 floors, with bedrooms and a lounge area on every floor. It offers a view of the infamous Villa Pignatelli and Capri islands from the panoramic outdoor terrace space. The indoor furniture is very innovative and modern compared to the outdoor patio furniture, which has been designed with a touch of Italian décor style. The property includes a lounge overcab, a parking space and an internal heating and radiator system.

Highlights: 12 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, elevator, penthouse, lounge area, kitchen, laundry rooms, terrace.

Price for Sale: Euro 4,200,000

Via Alessandro Manzoni

This is a 9 room luxury apartment in the heart of Naples city, with a splendid view of Mount Procida and the island of Nisida from its penthouse. It has a centrally located terrace that is connected to both the kitchen and the living room. The house has a modern charm with inbuilt luxuries of Italian décor, a breathtaking view and a huge space to accommodate large number of people. It is built across an area of 2400 square feet and has a private elevator. The main characteristic of the house lies in its long corridor that separates the three bedrooms, which are all built with an on-suite and balcony.

Via Rione Sirignano

This luxury apartment is located in a historic building of the elegant Sirignano area and has been divided into two units, offering two stunning views from each, where one side overlooks the beautiful Riviera di Chiaia and the other faces the Villa Comunale. The entire space is composed of three main hallways, each of which is decorated with elaborate Italian artwork. Through the hallways, one can find the entertainment area, bedrooms, large windows that offer a view of the Capri islands and Castel dell’Ovo with a huge sliding door in between, which can be used to divide the space and use them as individual rooms.  The master bedroom also offers a walk-in closet and attached on-suite bathroom. Spread across 3767 square feet, the luxury home also has an inbuilt fireplace, customized cabinets and a large kitchen.

Highlights: 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Internal radiator, Outdoor space

Price on Sale: Euro 3,200,000

Best Luxury Real Estate Brokers in Naples:

Sotheby’s International Realty

Located in Piazza De Santi, they provide services to local and International clients with a selection of lovely properties across Rome, Capri and the Amalfi coast. They specializes in providing services related to luxury properties in Italy and are known to be the top real estate agents in Naples for high end villas and apartments.

Arco Immobiliare Luxury, Napoli Vomero

They have multiple branches all across Italy and cater to providing services that are special to luxury apartments and properties. Arco, is also one of the most popular real estate agents in Italy and are the top choice for most local residents.

For services catering to other real estate requirements, here are the top agencies:

  • Leonardo Immobiliare- Agency Naples Historic Center
  • Casagency Immobiliare Napoli
  • Affiliato Technocasa, Vomero
  • Gabetti Naples Fuorigrotta
  • Agenzia Immobiliare Napoli

With a rise in tourism in Italy, an increasing number of people are constantly looking for the best neighborhood to buy a house in Naples, properties on sale or just a holiday home to invest in. Naples is surely a very important location when it comes to Luxury real estate in Italy. It is essential to have the right agent in order to answer your questions, guide you through the various formalities and more importantly ensure that you find the perfect fit to what you are looking for.


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