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5 LUXURY CARS to die for

  • 18th May 2019
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5 LUXURY CARS to die for

Imagine walking down a street and suddenly noticing a bright red Ferrari zooming away into the distance. Can you feel your heart racing, your jaw dropping and your eyes bulging?

It’s no hidden fact that we’ve all been suckers for luxury cars all of our lives and even spotting one is enough to kick our crazy fan instincts into overdrive. And at one point in life, I guess every person does fantasize of bringing home a gorgeous, overpriced car.

Whether you manage to buy it or not is another matter altogether, but if you at least thought about it- you know you have a thing for cars.

So for all of those people, here we present five insanely beautiful and exorbitant cars. Read and lust on.


Lamborghini Aventador

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This all-powerful, relentless and robust bodied warrior series is truly a feast for the eyes. Named after a fighting bull, it boasts of killer scissor doors, a seamlessly exquisite design, terrific engine power and a plethora of gorgeous models and colours to choose from.

You’d also have free reign to choose between a coupe and a convertible, both of which are splendid designs respectively.

All in all, the Lamborghini Aventador is a supercar like no other, with the greatest speed imaginable, and an awesome cost too. The average price of a Lamborghini Aventador is $400,000; so if you’re dreaming of driving home a Lambo, I sure hope you have deep pockets.

Among some current high profile Lamborghini Aventador owners include Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, American pop star Justin Bieber, American rapper Nicki Minaj, and American rapper Kanye West.


Bugatti’s ‘La Voiture Noire’ 

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‘La Voiture Noire’, French for ‘The Black Car’, is simply Bugatti’s one in a million creations. A tribute to the Type 57 SC Atlantic (created by Jean Bugatti), one of the greatest icons in Bugatti heritage, La Voiture Noire is an exemplary masterpiece which repeats history with a modern twist.

The all-black finish effortlessly manages to pull off a classy yet intimidating look, while simultaneously giving an impression of true decadence and opulence.

Besides, this bewildering new Bugatti sensation is currently the most expensive car in the world, with an astonishing price tag of $18 million, beating the $13 million Rolls Royce Sweptail coupe; which was the most expensive car before Bugatti came up with this handsome dark knight.

As of now, La Voiture noire is owned by an anonymous individual, who bought it for a whopping $18.9; gabelle included. Damn.


Ferrari Enzo 

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One of the best luxury sport cars there is out there, a Ferrari is an absolute marvel to look at. The Ferrari Enzo is named after Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari Automobiles. With fascinating butterfly doors, a sleek, polished look and an eye popping array of colour options, this car is an absolute catch. Although quite a few Ferrari models have come up after Ferrari Enzo, it still remains a legend in the list. It’s not just the stunning persona that makes this car iconic but its remarkable speed, modern F1 technology, impressive carbon-fibre body, stimulating aerodynamics, and other endless fabulous features.

The original price of a Ferrari Enzo, while it was released in 2002 was $670,000. Now, after a decade and a few years, its quoted price is $3 million! So if you’re planning on buying one now, it’ll go harder on your bank account; but it’ll be absolutely worth it when you see that gleaming vehicle parked in your garage.


Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT

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Isn’t this car a vision to look at? With a shimmery curvaceous body and intriguing gullwing doors, the Mercedes AMG Vision GT is a true supercar. Too bad it was only designed for the new PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 6.

Mercedes has no actual plans of bringing this beauty to life, but a Florida company J&S Worldwide Holdings has announced its prospective creation and a price tag of a whopping $1.3 million! After all, a car like this one will be worth every single penny and more.

Although designed just for the game, Mercedes created a realistic static model just for a Motor Show in LA, and has successfully managed  to make the entire world sick with a maddening ardour.

So if you wanna own this beauty, first you got to have a lot of patience (who owns when the actual car will be out for sale), and second, you got to start saving.


BMW Nazca M12

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Although not a recent model, the BMW Nazca M12 is an absolute charmer. With a sleek design, gullwing side windows and a stunning glass roof structure to provide a panoramic view; this legendary BMW creation is like no other.

It packs a punch not just with its marvellous looks but also with mind boggling features, which include a tremendous speed, a 300 hp five-litre 12-cylinder engine, a carbon fibre body and so much more.


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