Everybody has that dream of visiting a stunning destination, with a luxurious stay in a five star hotel, no less; and rightfully so. Luxury and opulence are things that have attracted mankind from the very beginning, and yearning for the absolute best is undeniably our weakness. So be it, then. Some weaknesses you have to fight, no doubt, but some you have got to indulge in.And nowhere else could be more nearer the mark than America. The quintessential definition of all things fantastic and over-the-top, America is THE place for true indulgence. From glamorous Los Angeles to sunny Hawaii, booking a 5 star hotel here can be your gateway to paradise on Earth. Also the fact that there are truckloads of options to choose from makes the process all the more enticing.

Here we present five marvy American hotels you ought to splurge on and spoil yourself.

Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Probably one of the most luxurious hotel branches worldwide, the Four Seasons is the definition of true splendour and in a city like New York, the splendour is quadrupled. With stunning views of the Empire State Building, Central Park and Hudson River, Four Seasons Hotel New York can be a fabulous experience. The hotel offers best in class designs and amenities such as exotic boutiques to shop from in the hotel lobbies, a king sized bed with pedestals, proximity to Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, and so many world class art galleries, museums and gourmet restaurants.

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous architecture, magnificent revolving doors, the regal lobbies and exemplary guest services , all of these combined make the Four Seasons in New York a must visit for you.


The Venetian, Las Vegas

The second largest casino-resort in the world, The Venetian is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit at the Strip in South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Complete with extraordinary architecture, pristine Venetian sculptures perched at corners and gorgeous gondolas gliding on rivers from under the beautiful bridges, The Venetian will completely transport you to Venice and its romantic charm. Not only does it house the insanely popular nightclub TAO, but also four theatres, a grand museum, a wedding chapel, and a TAO beach with seven cabanas. So whether you want to go clubbing with friends or on a vacation with family or even if you’re planning on getting hitched- The Venetian is THE place for you.


The Ritz-carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando

Imagine waking up to a view like this. That’s exactly what your stay at The Ritz-Carlton in Florida will comprise. A plush hotel but also high on hygge, coming here will remind you of home- but of course, with a healthy dose of luxury. Catering to your every want and wish, this hotel offers excellent hospitality and a sea of activity prospects. Nature lovers can go on a hike, a jungle safari or go kayaking. You could also take the hotel shuttle and visit some seriously awesome theme parks such as Disneyland, Sea World and Universal Studios.

If you're planning a trip that needs to be full of fun and frolic- Orlando is the place for you.


The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles 

An amalgam of the Los Angeles glamour and the rustic London charm- this hotel is truly one of its kind. There's something mesmerizing about the ensemble of modern and vintage, which is so elegantly portrayed all over this place. Located in the heart of Hollywood- Los Angeles, you couldn’t choose a more glamorous location than this. With the Hollywood Hills being only a short walk away and the biggest brand stores surrounding you, The London West Hollywood Hotel can be a splendid choice for a perfect extravagant vacation. The amenities offered include a spectacular rooftop infinity pool- exclusively reserved for guests only, classic English breakfast and tea, sumptuous meals, truly picturesque views and lavishly furnished suites.

With so much to enjoy, The London West Hollywood Hotel at Beverly Hills is one you should most definitely consider visiting.


Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, Hawaii 

We finally come to Hawaii sunny and cheerful Hawaii, where you can sail the seamless waters, sing ‘How far I’ll go’, and feel like Moana. Grand Wailea resort in Wailea, Hawaii is an absolutely stunning resort, one that can unearth the great adventurer that’s been slumbering inside of your soul for years on end. Perfect for a thrilling holiday filled with water sports and slides, or even a picturesque destination wedding at the beach with a Hawaiian sunset making a picturesque backdrop, Hawaii is absolutely awesome. Say aloha to this beautiful place with a truly magnificent stay at the Great Wailea resort.

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