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10 Marvellous International Luxury Events

  • 15th Jun 2019
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10 Marvellous International Luxury Events

Charity drives, masquerade balls, galas, comic cons, awards, dinners, launches and so many more opportunities in the world of the affluent to get all dressed up and schmooze.

All of these events are not only exciting for those who actually make an appearance, but also for the general public who are sated just by watching through a television screen or reading about them in magazines and newspapers; which is quite often now. Luxury events have become frequent occurrences globally and there are events on practically every subject there is out there. Here’s a list of 10 splendid international luxury events that you should know about (and hopefully go to!).


1. AREAA’S Global & Luxury Summit


The Asian Real Estate Association of America’s annual summit is the epitome of a true global luxury real estate meet. Along with a phenomenal dining experience and a lavish stay, this summit is a splendid opportunity to learn about the art of investing, selling and strategies regarding the same from distinguished and experienced panel speakers.

Every year, this summit aims to highlight fresh opportunities for the Asian Americans, discover new terrain and create several luxury real estate options for the prospering community.


2. The Met Gala



Now we come to a much showier, glitzier and glamorous event. The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume Institute in New York City; and is attended by the hottest celebs in the world. The gala basically marks the opening of the costume institute’s annual fashion exhibit. The most enthralling part about the met gala, undoubtedly, is its theme. Every year, the gala is given a specific theme in correspondence with the theme of the exhibit. The guests have to dress according to it- and oh joy! What an explosion of colours, fashion, style and craze can be seen swarming the red carpet- a complete delight to watch!


3. Baselworld



A global shimmery event, the BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show is a trade show of the international luxury watch and Jewellery industry, organized each spring in the city of Basel, Switzerland at Messe Basel.

A conglomeration of the finest leading watch and Jewellery brands in the world from over 45 countries, this show is truly diversity personified.

BaselWorld is not just limited to watches and jewellery, but it also is a forum for precious gem companies to showcase their stunning collections.

Some amazing brands that are showcased here include Rolex, Chanel, Bell&Ross, Gucci, Accendo, Alain Philippe, and so many more.

Along with fine wine, an exemplary dining experience and stunning merchandise to buy (or look at) – BaselWorld is an event you should not miss.


4. Luxury and Supercar Weekend



A weekend filled with gorgeous vintage and ultramodern supercars- could life be any more fulfilling?

The Luxury and Supercar Weekend held in Vancouver, British Columbia promises you exactly that. With a plethora of supercar companies such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, Cadillac, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi and so many others showcasing their stupendous creations, it is surely one hell of an exhibition.

You not only get to enjoy the cars, but also the beautiful Vandusen Botanical garden- the venue of the event.

The stark contrast that the event highlights truly creates art- supercars lined up amidst serene greenery- but the fun does not stop here.

You can expect a drool worthy dining experience and also a breathtaking range of luxury watches, jewellery and fashion to choose from, all at the same event. Spectacular, isn’t it?


5. Masterpiece London



Masterpiece London Art Fair- the true definition of artistic grandeur. Set within the grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea, this art fair in London is like no other. It boasts of a grandiose collection of artfully curated exquisite antique and contemporary art pieces, designs, furniture and jewellery.

Apart from just viewing the gorgeous merchandise, you could engage in panel discussions with the exhibitors and connoisseurs; or revel in wonderful wine tasting with Perrier-Jouet.


6. Monaco Yacht Show (MYS)



With a drop dead gorgeous fleet of superyachts, this glorious yacht fest is the most picturesque sight you might’ve seen till date.

Set in the stunning Port Hercules in the principality of Monaco, not only does the MYS include drool worthy yachts, but also the Monaco Yacht Summit, which is held just on the eve of the exhibit. The summit includes an enlightening and informative discussion with a panel of widely acknowledged and pre-qualified exhibitors and individuals from the superyacht industry.





Foire Internationale D’Art Contemporain (the International Contemporary Art Fair) held in the Grand Palais on Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris is an amalgam of the absolute best of contemporary and modern art from all over the world.

Want to check out some serious mind boggling paintings or designs? The FIAC Galleries provides a forum for art specialists to display an impressive and extensive plethora of their masterpieces; and for you to revel in the awesomeness of it all.

Do you swoon every time you see even a clipping of Michelangelo’s Pieta? Sculpture lovers, there’s something for you too. FIAC Projects presents 40 stunning sculptures every year in partnership with different curators across gorgeous locations in all of Paris. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone- gape at those glorious sculptures and at the same time take a tour of Paris. Also, FIAC Hors les Murs is another opportunity for you to go around prestigious locations in Paris and enjoy looking at some beautiful new installations.

Apart from paintings and sculptures, another venture of the FIAC, called the FIAC Programmes ensures that the event remains diverse, offering the public free reign to enjoy parades, conferences and special screenings of art films.


8. World Gourmet Summit



Foodies- here’s something wonderful for you! Held in Singapore, the World Gourmet Summit is an internationally renowned gastronomic event with an endlessly diverse curation of phenomenal culinary experiences. Organized by A La Carte Productions, it is an initiative to establish Singapore as THE ‘dining destination’. Spanning across several restaurants in Singapore, the WGS is a thoughtfully crafted event for those who appreciate finery. Gourmet cuisine aficionados, wine connoisseurs and luxury lovers will certainly adore the WGS.


9. Henley Festival



Looking for a fun and fancy weekend? This vibrant and awesome event in London is THE place for you. The Henley Festival is tastefully curated to bring together the best of the music industry (UK and international), gorgeous art and mouth- watering food options. With a black tie dress code, you can don your glad rags and have an unforgettable time of your life. Indulge in all shades of music - from pop and jazz to classical and EDM with worldwide singing and music sensations putting on a show for you. Not only music, you can also enjoy stand-up comedies, art galleries and some really great cuisines. Don’t miss it for the world!


10. NYC Winter Wine Festival



There’s nothing like spending winter on Times Square; even if for a few hours. The Winter Wine Tasting Festival in New York is an exemplary event to be experienced. With a selection of the most exotic wines being offered for a taste; you’d think you were attending an entire wine shop tasting. To go with it is an eclectic mix of the most delightful little appetizers that’ll definitely make your mouth go dry and water simultaneously. The other fantastic aspect of this festival is that you’ll have the privilege to gain some real knowledge about fine wines from specialists and connoisseurs. Go figure.


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