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10 Best Luxury Castle Rentals in Italy

  • 30th Jul 2020
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10 Best Luxury Castle Rentals in Italy

Royalty has always inspired the common folks through the time. But what better inspiration than living the life of a Royal when you are out on a vacation with your family and friends? The Italian Luxury vacation rentals market has made available these Royal gems that have been passed on from one family throughout the generations.

The great thing is that some of these luxury properties are now available to rent in the free market. This is a sign that true luxury is exclusive at the same time inclusive of different strata of the population who can now enjoy being the Royalty on their vacation which was not possible in the past.

Italy is home to the most wondrous and picturesque architectural heritage that is available anywhere in the world. It has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. It is also known that Italians take extra care about their food, travel, and leisure. These traditions and practices have survived the test of time. But the greatest thing about tradition is to transform it and bring it in the modern world.
The best expression of such an idea is the Castle Vacation Rentals that are available on various platforms. Here, is the list of best Medieval Castles to Rent in Italy. These properties have managed to keep the traditional ambiance and are full of all modern services which make the perfect place to be to embrace the history in the comfort of modern living, enjoying the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury vacation rental properties in Italy, you should seriously consider the exclusive luxury castles in Italy for vacations. Ten of the most gorgeous luxury vacation castles in Italy are listed right here below:

Le Torri di Bagnara Castles, Umbria

Le Torri is an exquisite luxury group of castles that are restored medieval castles set within a superb, very private 1500 acre aristocratic estate and nature reserve in Umbria – Italy’s green heart - close by Assisi, midway from Florence and Rome. It’s a fully staffed Villa with more than 5 smaller castles inside in the estate. It is an ideal location for a destination wedding or spending some time with family and friends for up to 30 people. 

Le Torri di Bagnara Castles have a hotel license (Luxury Agriturismo), and so they can offer the privacy and freedom of a private house together with top-quality service. Since 1901 the castle belongs to Giunta Tremi, a noble family from the Napoleon Bonaparte lineage.

Pieve San Quirico Castle is an 11th-century historic house built by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. It is part of Le Torri Castles and one of the most important and luxurious buildings. The property is renovated with modern amenities but traditional furnishes.

The estate office has a piece of unrivaled local knowledge and can arrange a wide range of experiences like in-house cooking classes, wine experience, truffle hunting, biking, and hiking tours. The price of the property starts from 7,550 euros per week for the main castle and other adjoining houses can be rented separately.

Castelletto di Pedeguarda, Prosecco Hills, Province of Treviso

It’s the house of Count Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga and when the family is not residing at their ancestral palazzo on Venice’s Canale Grande, the Castelletto welcomes guests to its idyllic rural setting between the scenic vineyards and forests of the Venetian hinterland. The Castle was restored by celebrated architect Tommaso Buzzi that distinctly enhances the aristocratic appeal of the property.

The property has fairy-tale like Ambience and has 8 bedrooms. The castle also has a terrace garden and a swimming pool looking over the Mediterranean giving the guests the true taste of Venetian luxury. Castelletto di Pedeguarda provides the keys to a world of refined and gracious living within immensely characterful accommodation covering 4 floors linked by stairs.

The Contessa and Conte bedroom suite will take you back to 500 years ago when trade and business were flourishing in Venice. The property is advertised by Vov Collection and the prices are available on request.

Castle Mago, Siena

Castle Mago is a wonderful 16th Century castle in a perfect position enjoying a lovely panorama over the countryside with views to the Elba Island and the sea beyond. The estate id covered with a rose garden, outdoor swimming pool, and a hot tub Jacuzzi. This unique ancient castle, once the abode of Leopold II Grand Duke of Tuscany, is in a peaceful and private location in the countryside.

The interior of the villa is just as amazing with characteristic high ceilings and furnished with antiques, oil paintings, and family heirlooms. There is a large entrance hall hung with ancient paintings and coats of arms, of which there are three lovely living rooms, two of these living rooms with fireplace and sofas.

Apart from its traditional décor, it has all the modern equipment that includes TC, Wi-Fi, and a modern kitchen. The property is advertised by Oliver Travels and cost around 15,000 euros per week.

Castello Falconara, Sicily

This stunning ancient Castle is a fantastic location for a holiday, a special celebration or party with a large group of friends. This Middle Ages castle is located in front of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Sicilian South Coast. The Castle of Falconara dates back to the 14th Century. The Castle has been improved and altered over the centuries to keep it in step with the times. It is now a luxury home, suffused with historic atmosphere and aristocratic finesse.

This castle is located in the Province of Caltanissetta, and it is an ideal base to discover the Southern Coast of Sicily, including the Greek Archaeological site of Agrigento. The castle can host up to 30 people and is a perfect spot for wedding and family gatherings. There are two levels connected by the staircase and includes 7 bedrooms.

The property has all the great modern amenities that include a large pool overlooking the Mediterranean and on the other side palm trees and rare species of local herbs that are historically grown in the area. The property is available to rent on Paragon Luxury Villas and price is available on request.



Borgo Castelrotto, Tuscany   

Borgo Castelrotto is one of the country villas that is part of the Castelnuovo Tancredi Wine Estate, which stretches for over 600 hectares between Montalcino and Siena. The entire farm upholds organic agricultural methods, from the 8 hectares of planted vineyards, cereal, and grain production to the D.O.P extra virgin olive oil. The Castle is located in the Orca Valley that is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Borgo can host up to 18 people and has 9 bedrooms. Large picture window doors open onto the garden where guests can enjoy an evening cocktail or read a book while looking out to an incomparable glimpse of Montalcino. 

A large covered patio, or pergola, is set up for dining enjoyment along with a wood barbecue area. It is one of the few places where one can enjoy the true taste of Tuscan life with traditional and modern sustainability principles that are embedded in the construction and management of the Borgo. It can cost up to 7,000 euros weekly to rent the whole estate and has a website of its own.



Castello di Magrano, Gubbio, Umbria

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Castle is set in around 500 hectares of uncontaminated countryside dotted with woods, lawns, and waterways. In 1830 the Castle became the property of the current owners, the family of Princess Giulia Bonaparte, the daughter of two first cousins, Zenaide and Carlo Luciano Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, both descended from Napoleon. The property is located in the central part of the park (3 hectares) that consists of a boules ground, rose garden, centuries-old trees, and Mediterranean shrubs and many avenues for guests to take a walk in the scenic beauty.

The castle has 14 bedrooms all located on its 4 floors connected with stairs. It’s a mansion for royals and the management leaves no stones unturned in making it the modern and rustic despite its historical lineage.

The castle is renovated preserving the traditional architectural features with modern décor. The property is located in the area which is famous for white truffles and when the season is right the guests can indulge themselves in a truffle hunt in the nearby areas. The property is advertised by Ville in Italy and can cost from 5,800-13,450 euros depending on the season.

Castello Di Rossi, Tuscany

This magnificent estate dates back to 1066 AD, and at the end of 1800, the Rinuccini, and historic Florentine family, enriched the estate with trade and, after many changes of ownership, in 1935 the villas passed to the Counts Rossi of Montelera. Nowadays, the estate offers you the opportunity to stay in rural houses adjacent to the magnificent 18th-century villa, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan landscape and enjoy unforgettable local experiences.

The villa consists of 18 bedrooms and has a dining hall with a capacity of 20 people. The shared swimming pool is surrounded by a large sun terrace with sun loungers and a shaded gazebo with sofas, immersed in the silence between olive groves and vineyards for total relaxation.

The property has all the classic Tuscan luxury experience of Wine tasting, truffle hunting, and bee’s experience. The property is rented out by and the prices are available on request.


Castle of Volognano, Tuscany

The Castello di Volognano has a complex architecture dating back to the eleventh century. It has recently been transformed from a family residence into an accommodation facility and is one of the best luxury vacation rental castles that you can dream of. The castle is located 6km away from Florence at an elevation of 400m and it is surrounded by almost 200 hectares of vineyards and Olive groves.

It is a perfect location for family reunions and weddings with plenty of activities to engage oneself in, when on holiday. The castle is surrounded by the medieval village that developed on its margins, including a small church where the Holy Mass of the Catholic rite is still celebrated on Sundays. There are two pieces of artwork by Roso Fiorentino that dates back to the 14th century.

The first floor of the residence is composed of the "Suite dei Marchesi", a luxurious double bedroom, and the two charming double rooms "Donna Livia" and "Mrs. Anna", which they share a bathroom with a hydro massage shower. The castle has 6 rooms in total and each has its unique character. The compounds around the property are a well maintained Italian garden with local shrubs and century-old trees. The property can cost around 5,600 euros week and it’s a fully services accommodation and it is advertised by Vrbo.


Castle Naro, Cagli

The Castle of Naro is ideal for those who love quietness and absolute privacy. This is definitely a luxury vacation retreat to behold. Perched on a hill at 417m is perfect for lovers of hilly landscapes, offers breathtaking views with 360 ° views and unforgettable sunsets. The Castle of Naro dates back to the VI century d. c. and is superb in the territory of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the municipality of Cagli, dominating the valley of the Candigliano River. Its shape resembles the hull of a ship perched on a rocky hard rock.

The castle hosts 8 bedrooms and each room has its unique taste and décor and the common thing being elegance and hospitality that is a central pillar of the service. The castle's central body has 3 floors each connected by stairs. The ground floor has a De Manicor kitchen, wood oven, and many exquisite amenities. The first floor features frescoes on the ceilings of which three originals of the 1600s by the school of Federico Barocci.

The Castle dates back to 500AD hence architectural alterations have respected the old-style especially SPA facility that is built on the natural rock. The castle offers a perfect environment for the sauna, Turkish baths, and relaxation rooms. The rent can cost up to 11,000 euros per week and it is advertised by Vrbo and other agencies. Surely one of the best luxury vacation homes that an affluent family will love to enjoy.



Villa Medicea, Montevettolini

The house of Medici is probably one of the most famous families from Florence because of their position as bankers for the pope and influential politicians in the city of Florence. The Villa Medicea of Montevettolini, a grand mansion built in the XVI century, was once one of the 12 sumptuous hunting residences of the Granduke Ferdinando I, grandson of the famous Lorenzo de 'Medici the Magnificent. Built on a hill of olive trees and vineyard overlooking the ValdiNievole valley, next to the medieval village of Montevettolini, the villa has retained its original architectural beauty and serenity.

The Villa has been carefully restored and improved upon by the present owner, the prince Borghese, whose family bought the property more than 200 years ago. What makes this luxury vacation rental villa unique is that all the rooms have antique paintings and Venetian glass that decorate and illuminate all these beautiful bedrooms.

The house has 7 bedrooms and apart from its traditional decor and ambiance, it has all the modern services that include a swimming pool, fully furnished kitchen, and WIFI. The property can cost up to 22,000 euros per week but it’s a gem that you won’t regret visiting.


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